After we’re done with giving the patient is treatment they took the patient back to her room and changed her. The patient was shaking from fear of everything that she had gone through. Mildred assured her that everything was going sugar land chiropractors to be okay and then she was going to help her I’m getting better and that this treatment was only going to be for a little bit. After work Mildred when to go see a young priest. This young priest was in a special hospital being treated for anxiety breaks down some. It was a priest who had witnessed all of the murders being done by all the killer that Jay and the house when all the priests were killed. She followed the priests around being loaded onto a chair and went to approach him after he had been left alone by the nun. She told the man that she felt sorry for all the pain that she had going through and that they were treating the killer who had crossed all his drama at her psychiatric ward where she was working. The man told her that he did not want to talk about everything explained that he had gone sugar land chiropractors through because he was trying to forget everything and I’ll go through that drama again. Motrin him that it was a good idea for him to talk about what was going on and testify against the killer because that way it would have packed it the killer would be executed or not. She told the price that the killer was being treated by the doctor at the psychiatric ward where she was working and that it was up to the doctor who was treating the killer to see if you would be mentally saying to be able to be executed or not. The killer was to be seen and treated by the doctor to see if he would be able to be stand in trial. Mildred insisted on sugar land chiropractors the priest to speak about the murders that happened that night by the other priests and that you should testify against the killer in the tryouts because it would be up to him to see if the situation would happen all over again or not. She then invited the priest to go and have dinner with her one night so that they can be able to talk about it and justify everything that he entered that night. Grease the priest decided that it was a good idea and he joined the choir the following table so that he could be able to testify against the Killer and tell his side of the story.

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Mildred set the priest down on the table and prepare some tea for him so that he sugar land chiropractors can be able to testify everything that he had to say and she would record it. She was testifying and preparing to see for the priest she quickly slid in some trucks into his teeth so that he could be able to fall asleep or relax. When the restraint that t started to feel a little bit drowsy and Boogie. Mildred pick them up and told him that he could lay down for a bit if he was feeling sick. When he fainted completely he woke up he was tied to the bed with seat belts and could not move. Modern told him that people like him were what was wrong with the world and that his excited he was never to go away even if he spoke against the killer at trial. She told him that she did however new a brand new method that she had learned at the hospital by the head doctor on how he could be able to release that traumatic experience and completely forget about it. Mildred went back to the dresser and grab the ice pick and was going to perform the same procedure that she had seen the doctor perform to one of them patience in the surgical room up . the Young man started to scream Extremely Loud because he knew was loaded was about to do suddenly everything when it’s a silence. After everyone has finished performing the procedures they were all sugar land chiropractors ready to go home and the doctor decided to drive by and go put some gas was getting his gas pumped he saw that the tenant who was pumping his gas screamed and yelled and left gas there. He looked out and saw a man standing behind him with a cape pointing a gun directly at him. He quickly take down and Persons gas so that he could leave immediately. The man with a gun shot him from behind this car and only broke his car window but he was not able to reach him. To talk to you went straight to the hospital or frayed us why this person was hunting him. First saw the dark staring at the window and fear and saw that his car had window broken. She asked him what happened to his car and he Lie To The Head Nurse and told her that he was just children’s who were playing with rocks and accidentally threw some of his car. He did not want to give her any more explanations and so you let her be. The doctor knew exactly why he was being targeted and they were trying to be killed. He kept the secret to himself but did not want to let anybody know us to why they were trying to kill him especially sugar land chiropractors not at the hospital Heineken. A brand new Advanced medicine so that the government and secretary press in the hospital. Mildred arrived or she saw that the doctor’s car have been completely broken and he quickly went up to the doctor’s office and saw that the head nurse was there busy asking a question.