Saturday morning I woke up with the Call of my mom as usual that she had gotten out of work and we were going to go eat. I was starting to make breakfast for my husband when I got the call so we can go and eat some food sugar land chiropractors and I told her that I was already making breakfast and so she said that she was just going to go home and rest. I was in the middle of making breakfast when I got the call from my mom again saying that she did want to go out to eat and stuff so I quickly just fixed up and egg and feta to my husband and then got ready and dressed so that we could go out to eat. We want to go out to eat me to this Mexican restaurant that we usually enjoy going to do because food is really good and the prices are very cheap but upon arriving we noticed that the prices have gone up extremely high and it was no longer were going there. We could be going to emerge sugar land chiropractors mesa restaurant paying the same price and going to that restaurant and paying the prices that they were giving to us. As we were eating a family walked in with the little boy and it had turned out to be one of my son’s friends from daycare that had arrived. They both immediately notice each other and started saying that they were friends. Well we were done eating we decided to head back home and relax for a bit because we had planned on Mall trip with my sisters and my mom and I ever decided to do that. I put up a little bit of the laundry and then I started to get ready so that I would be ready to go because my sister was going to pick us up at my mom’s house. I did my hair and changed so that we could go and change my son as well and then I walked over to my mom’s house because my sister had already arrived. She was outside cleaning her car when a lady came by from the neighbors saying that we had seen her car because someone had stolen it. We didn’t pay so much attention to it but we just tell the lady that we would keep her look at on a car if we were able to find it and seem who had stolen her car. Then when we were done my mom walked out and she was ready to sugar land chiropractors go as well so we buckled everyone and headed to the mall. We headed to the mall and upon arriving we went straight to the food or because we had already gotten hungry again and we’re ready for lunch so I went straight to the food court and had lunch before we began our shopping spree. We actually send the mall how much longer than we had anticipated we ended up staying for about 5 hours at the mall because we were shopping quite a bit and there was so many stores are we were looking at if we’re just having an overall good time enjoying quality time at has not had a good shopping spree like that in a very long time so we do that we wanted him take advantage of it and just shop away. We went to the very first or was a children’s story in and ended up buying some pajamas for my son and then we headed up to several different stores after that.

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I did not do that much shopping in the trip I only bought some leggings, shorts and my son’s pajamas my sisters and mother did a little bit more. They were looking for outfits for their trip that they are going to take the Alabama and they wanted to get a couple of stuff so that was why we had decided on the shopping trip. I ended up helping out a lot with the bags because there was so much stuff that we had to hold you in the bathroom getting heavy All took turns on holding the bags and helping each other out while one person was trying to close or the other one was checking out. We ended up leaving the mall around sugar land chiropractors 6:30 and then we decided to go back to my mom’s house and upon arriving where you wanted to have a Halloween Sister movie night so we ordered take out to arrive to my Apartments because that was where we were going to have our sister Halloween movie night. We had started watching a movie but it was an Italian and we did not really understand and could not concentrate so we ended up purchasing a different movie on Amazon Prime that was a scary one and we started watching that one. Our food arrived at the apartment and we’ve also sugar land chiropractors purchase some wine and we were just having a good time watching the movie and drinking wine and eating our food. By the time it got so late at night in the movie was over and everyone had back home. I ended up going straight to bed because I was already tired and I stayed up for a little bit longer just on my phone will my husband and my son we’re asleep. I didn’t fall asleep towards almost midnight but I wasn’t upset at all because I actually had a pretty good Saturday and it was one of the Saturdays where I did sugar land chiropractors not have to do chores but it was more of a Saturday where I could relax and enjoy myself and spend time with my family. I think it is very important for everyone to have these type of Saturdays at least every so often because you work always your fault that you have so many things on your butt how to serve to have fun at least at some point.