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The last one in the sugar land chiropractors group was a student ís getting ready to be a doctor from the verge of a graduating. There were once three friends that live in the capital of Mexico not worth wealthy. one of the friends worked at a new fashion under Street unless the director of the fashion shows and everything that how to do to organize them. Another perk was a feminist who wrote poetry and spoke up for women’s rights and equality. So, the Story begins in the University where Rosa which is the student who is studying to be a doctor is in school and she is performing a lives heart surgery under the eyes watch of the professors I’m her father. Her father is also a date very famous doctor Town who everyone looks up to. He is very well known and because she is pissed off at her great expectations are expected out of her as well. Everyone expects her to include her family to be a sugar land chiropractorsí doctor and continue the family’s traditions like their father. The pressure was especially harder on her because her younger sister Pat passed away when she was only left. She carried the burden thinking that it was her phone by her sister had passed away. You see her sister had passed away me to a car accident that she had. Her sister was very free-spirited and love to go out and have fun and she was very hard-working and always focus in school not having much of a social life. To always told her sister Dashi how to focus I’m School in her sister had told her that she needed to relax a bit and enjoy life. Her sister had also told her that her being in school for dancing was not her thing, but she didn’t have a choice and could not quit because then their father would be upset at her. Rosa was starting to feel very over whelmed with school trying to keep with the high standards sugar land chiropractors everyone had set for her. Not to mention she was also in the verge of marrying her fiancÈ who she had been dating since they were children. She knew she loved and respected him but there was no longer that spark between. She seemed lost within his self and did not know what she was doing if it was going to the correct thing for her. The plan was after graduating from school she would move with Switzerland with her fiancÈ and start working there. Rocioís friend who worked in the fashion industry was also dealing with her own issues of having to worry about a huge fashion show coming up that she was in charge of. She was responsible of the designer gowns that was going to be used in a photo shoot. She was also crazy obsessed over the boy named Juan who was a DJ. She followed Juan every party he played at hoping he one day take her serious and make her his girlfriend. Meanwhile all this was going on in the capital of Mexico another part of Mexico in a coastal town lived a girl who had always had to take care of herself and her little brother. They were poor and did not come from wealthy sugar land chiropractors families like Rocio, Carlota and Vera. Her name was Marcela and because she had no way to support herself, she got with this boy named Robert. He worked for the drug cartel and they had to follow everything they were told if not they would be killed. One day Marcela was told by her boyfriend Robert that she was to go meet the drug cartel at a Motel and deliver some drugs that they needed. She put the drugs inside this stuffed animal she always carried sugar land chiropractors and then put the stuffed animal inside her backpack and went to meet the guy at the motel. Upon arriving she saw that it was all just a set up by her boyfriend. Not only did the drug cartel guy want her instead. She quickly kick the guy off of the bed and pointed the gun at him and told him to stay away from her that she was not nobody’s property. She then took the money that was laying on the bed that he had laid out for her that was supposed to be given to her after the deal was done but she quickly stashed it in her pocket and ran out the motel room. She knew that what she had done sugar land chiropractors was going to give her a lot of trouble but she was not willing to degrade herself down to that label and do something like that for herself so she ran off as far as she could into town to think about what she was going to plan on doing next. So, the graduation day of Rocio came, and she was in charge of making the schools important speech. All her friends and family went to support her and congratulate her on her big day. Acetyl-coa was supposed to be giving her graduation speech in her ceremony so quickly pause and kind of lost focus of what she was doing. She didn’t know what she was doing she didn’t want this, and she didn’t know why she continued to try to keep up this perfect life and sugar land chiropractors become a doctor like her father had. She felt bad for her sister and thought about what her sister had told her before she had died. Her sister had told her to live life and enjoy everything while she was still young, she knew she couldn’t keep doing what she was doing, and she had to change it. So, she quickly left her sugar land chiropractors speech and went away. When she walked away her friends quickly followed her and see what the problem was. Her friends saw her sitting outside on the bench and decided to approach her and ask her what was wrong.