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The Lion King ran as fast as he could to go and save his little Sugar Land Chiropractors cub in the canyon whole. Meanwhile The Lion King’s Brothers car stayed on the top of the canyon whole looking down at all the commotion that was going on. He knew that the plan that he had came up with the hyenas was going exactly like how he wanted and now the only thing that was left was for both The Lion King and his little Cub was to be killed. Once they were both killed at they would be finally out of his way so that he could be next in Throne to become the king. Sugar Land Chiropractors It was his overall idea that the only way for him to become king was to kill the little cub and The Lion King and finally he would be able to rule the pride land and take back everything that he originally wanted in the first place. So The Lion King quickly ran into the Canon whole trying to go and save his little cub and ordered his security guard to look ahead and go and see if he can spot the line cup. The security guard flew above the canyon hole and saw that the little lion cub was handing onto a twig that was about to be broken in a small tree right in the middle of the cattle herd chaos that was going on. He flew in zebra and the he told the Little Cub to hang on that he was going to get Sugar Land Chiropractors his dad which was The Lion King to come and save him. The little lion cub try to hold on to the branch twig as much longer as he could because he knew that it was his own chance. He finally felt a little bit better because he knew that his dad The Lion King was going to go and save him and he would be out of this mess. The security guard flu and told the lion king that the little lion cub was hanging off of a branch of a twig in the middle of the canyon hole. He told him that the branch was brought to rig so that he had to go and quickly save him before it was too late. The Lion King scared he quickly ran towards to try and save his little line cup inside the canyon hole. He was able to go and save his little cub and grabbed him by the neck and threw him onto the sides of the rug so that he could get out of the chaos. Just as he was going to lift himself up to get out of the chaos as well the cattle of herds approached him knocking him over to the ground getting stomped on. The little lion cub look from above and scream for his dad asking for help. Eventually The Lion King was able to get back up from the ground and go back to the side to try to be able to leave the herd. That’s all of this was going on The Lion King’s brother scar was watching from the side as well and he saw that his brother was handing up. You saw that the little line was no longer in danger and now one of his plans was going out of hand. He knew the only chance that he had left was at least to kill the king so that he could become the new king immediately till the little boy grew up Sugar Land Chiropractors to be able to take his spot. The Lion King win up towards his Direction and ice time to help him get out of there. The Lion King’s brother scar approach The Lion King and told him that he had taken his position this entire time and he did not longer wanted to be living in the shadows but rather than he wanted to be the King The Lion King looked confused as to why he was even mentioning him all of this in the first place that he was in lots of trouble and all he needed was how to get out of there. Who asked him to give him a helping hand so that he could reach it out to get out of the canyon hole. The Brothers car looked at him with a terrible evil look on his face and told him ì long live the kingî and threw him down into the cannon hole in the middle of the cattle herd. The Little Lion King on the side could not see exactly what was going on but he saw his father drop to the ground in the middle of the Canon her and gets stomped on all over but the big fall that he had just endured. He screamed and yelled and finally all the cattle herd were gone and everything was left in silence. The little lion cub quickly look for a way down to go and check on his father and see if he was okay. He approached his father in the middle of the can laying on the ground unconscious not moving of any sort. The little lion cub approached him and asked him if he was all right but he got no response out of him. He realize that his father had passed away and that there was no way to get the Lion King to come back. He approached him and started crying and bawling Sugar Land Chiropractors his eyes out when suddenly his uncle scar came down to him. He told him and made him believe that it was his fault by his Lion King father had died. He told him that he should run away as far as way as he could so that nobody would be upset for killing hit the king.