Thank you for joining me again this evening. I am Dr. Harrison Campbell primary chiropractor at Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. I perform these nightly podcasts in the hope of educating not only my patients but anyone interested in the various topics we discuss. For tonight ís topic we will be discussing orthopedic doctors in detail.
Now it might seem strange for a chiropractor to be discussing other doctors but it is part of the holistic philosophy Restoration Health operates with. There are certain aspects of care which fall outside the realm of chiropractic care and thus knowing and understanding these limits better allows us at a premier sugar land chiropractors office to better service our patients. To start let us first discuss the area where orthopedic doctors specialize in.

Orthopedic doctors are primarily concerned with the joints of the body. Now saying the joints is a simplification, but itís a good enough term to start with. Injuries to the joint whether they be muscle, ligament, or joint injuries fall in the capacity of an orthopedic to help with. Now you are probably asking yourself why there are chiropractors and orthopedic doctors then if the areas they concern themselves with overlap.
The answer to this is simple. For us sugar land chiropractors we specialize in helping the body heal itself with as conservative care as possible. Orthopedic doctors are primarily surgeons and conservative care is not their specialty. Now there is a time and place for surgery for sure, but as I have discussed in prior podcasts surgery should not always be the first solution to a problem.
Now there are some chiropractors which will disagree with me on this issue and say o avoid surgery at all costs. I am here to say there are instances where surgery is necessary and is the treatment option. This is what sets Restoration Health apart as a premier sugar land chiropractors office. We understand what it will take to get you better and will create the treatment plan to see that happen even if we collaborate with other doctors in the area to make it happen.

I myself have undergone surgery. In all honesty this surgery saved me from years of problems with cancer. I have faced the questions you ask and this enables me to provide information and educate my patients on making the most informed decision they can when faced with similar questions. To this end I always advocate to start with conservative care and based on the results we are seeing we can branch out to more invasive care options, but I always provide the treatment options available to my patients along with the risks and benefits of each. This is what sets Restoration Health up as a premier sugar land chiropractors office.

Now let us move towards the specializations of orthopedic doctors. Just like there are some chiropractors which specialize in certain fields such as pediatrics or sports chiropractic, there are specialization in orthopedic doctors as well. Let us mention a few briefly and then dive deeper into each specialty. First and foremost there is the division between orthopedics which focus solely on the spine and then there are others which focus on extremities meaning arms and legs. Furthermore there are spinal orthopedics which pocus on a specific area of the spine such as the cervical meaning neck and there are other which focus on specific joints such as shoulder for the extremities.
Now at Restoration Health we are one of sugar land chiropractors which treat not only the spine but also extremities as well so I have had the good fortune to work with several orthopedic doctors in my time. One of the criteria I use to distinguish a good from a great orthopedic doctor is their treatment plans. Good orthopedics will help the patient get better, but great orthopedics provide options to their patients such as we do at Restoration Health.

Spinal orthopedic surgeons are orthopedics which help patients when they are suffering from not just injuries or pains in the spine but also patients who suffer from radicular symptoms with pains in the arms or legs. We have discussed disc herniations before and their signs and symptoms. The surgical option which was mention in that podcast refers to this. Orthopedic doctors can perform a surgery where the injured disc is cut out call a discectomy. Now I strive to reduce the surgical interventions necessary for my patient who suffer from radiculopathy. However, there are instances where a surgical referral is necessary. Once the surgery is performed they return to my office for rehabilitation following the surgery.

On the other had extremity orthopedic surgeons are orthopedics which help patients when they have injuries to their extremities. For instance, I have has patients who have suffered torn rotator cuff muscles, torn anterior cruciate ligaments, and torn menisci. Each of these injuries was referred out to an orthopedic surgeon who repaired the necessary structure and then they returned to Restoration Health for their rehabilitation. Again this collaboration between orthopedics and Restoration Health is what makes us a premier sugar land chiropractors office.
The only people who suffer when chiropractors and orthopedics do not work together is the patients. I would rather help a patient get the treatment required than be stubborn and refuse to collaborate with a different doctor simply because they are not a chiropractor. That is what treating the patient holistically means to me. It is not just treating the whole body but it is having all options available to the patient.
Thank you for joining us for tonightís podcast on orthopedic doctors. I do hope this information was informative and allows you to make the correct choice when searching for a doctor. As always should you or someone you know require the services of sugar land chiropractors please call Restoration health today in order to set up an appointment with us. I hope you will join us for the next podcast. Thank you for joining and hope to see you tomorrow night. Have a good evening.