Arizona has many places to visit and many different things to see. There are many areas that are incredibly unique like no other state. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors feel like Arizona would be a great place to visit. It has a unique climate that when visiting depending on the time of year almost everyone can be pleasantly surprised.
In Yucca Arizona Area 66 is an interesting place. This is a golf ball shaped former desert real estate office but now it houses a UFO museum. In Holbrook there is a Rock Art Ranch. Here is a working cattle ranch with remarkably well-preserved prehistoric petroglyphs and ancient ruins. Here is one you might have heard about from history it is the Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone Arizona. This is a segregated cemetery which provides a window into the Old West. And another must visit place is the Hachberry General Store. Do not blink or you will miss it.
In Marble Canyon The Wave is rippling sand dunes frozen in the Arizona rock. Locate in Page Arizona is the Antelope Canyon. This is one of the most visited and most photographed slot canyons in the American Southwest. Also located in Page is the Horseshoe Bend. This is a dramatic river bend that surrounds a natural red rocked pedestal. One might think of Arizona as being arid and dry but in Supai one can visit the Havasupai Falls. This secluded aqua-blue waterfall in the Grand Canyon is the perfect swimming hole and the Havasupai tribeís best kept secret.
Located in Phoenix is the Yayoi Kusama Firefly Infinity Mirror Room. The installationís office name, ìYou Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Firefliesî says it all. Located in Casa Grande Arizona is The Domes. An abandoned facility that has become a place of ritualistic satanic worship or so rumor has it. Yavapai County is home to the Montezuma Castle. This is ninety feet off the valley floor is an ancient dwelling put under protection of the United States government by Theodore Roosevelt. And then there is the Mystery Castle. A self-built castle made by a mysterious man.
Then there is the Meteor Crater in Winslow Arizona. This 4,000-foot diameter hole is touted as ìthe most well-known, best preserved meteorite crate on Earth.î This is a must-see location when visiting Arizona. If you are into such things as biomes, then the Biosphere 2 in Oracle Arizona would be of interest to as a place to visit. This is a reproduction of earthís many biomes. The Petrified Forest National Park in Holbrook Arizona is remarkably interesting, and we would like to visit here. One will see fossils that are over 200 million years old in northeastern Arizona. In Flagstaff Arizona the staff of Sugar Land Chiropractors could discover the Coconino Lave River Cave. Eons aga, a rushing lava river formed this pristine passage through solid rock.
In Littlefield Arizona they can visit the Pumpkin Spring Pool. This arsenic pool in the Grand Canyon gets it name from the appearance of a giant, overflowing pumpkin. And if you ever watched the cartoons of the Flintstones then Sugar Land Chiropractors might consider visiting Flintstones Bedrock City in Williams Arizona. This is a homage to the favorite cartoon of prehistoric times. And for those at that like ghosts and such things then visiting the Apache Death Cave is a must. This is located in Winslow Arizona and was a hideaway for Apaches and now is said to be a haunting mass grave. And another place for the staff at would be Oatman Ghost town in Oatman Arizona. This wild west ghost town on Route 66 is filled with wild burros.
The next place the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors might want to visit is the Mystery Valley located in Kayenta Arizona. This is where ancestral Puebloan ruins, natural arches, and box canyons abound in this seldom visited corner of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. And where else would Sugar Land Chiropractors like to visit than Golden Valley Arizona where the Saint Nicholas themed ghost town in the Mojave Desert is found. In Green Valley Arizona is the titan Missile Museum. This is Americaís only nuclear missile silo that is open to the public. Located in Tucson Arizona is the Valley of the Moon. This is considered the Magical World of George Phar Legler. George Phar Legler was a spiritualist that believed in fairies.
In Peach Springs Arizona, the Grand Canyon Caverns Underground Suite is located. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors do not find this particularly interesting. However, it is one of the largest, oldest, darkest, quietest motel rooms in the world. The Roden Crater located in Flagstaff Arizona is where the artist James Turrel is repurposing an extinct volcano crater as an observatory to experience the cosmos. Also located in Flagstaff Arizona is the Wupatki National Monument. This historic national park is cored in the stunning ruins of red rock pueblos. This is a place that the staff of Sugar Land Chiropractors would like to see. Two Guns located in Winslow Arizona is a place that has some history attached to it. The story of Two Guns could easily be described as a Shakespearian tragedy and is located on Route 66.
Located in Sedona Arizona is the Chapel of the Holy Cross. This is most definitely a place where the staff of Sugar Land Chiropractors would like to visit. It is a spiritual vortex amongst the red rocks in Sedona. For those that want to see some of how the American Natives lived then the Wigwam Village #6 located in Holbrook Arizona. This is a motel dedicated to Southwestern nostalgia. On the outskirts of a reborn ghost town is a decaying post office which reminds people of the bad old days. This is called the Abandoned Jerome Post Office and is located in Jerome Arizona. Then in flagstaff there is Walnut Canyon. This is where ancient pueblos are built into the base of a natural canyon wall.