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Long, long ago in a tiny small country town in France lived a inventor named Maurice and I’m his daughter named Bell. Bell Was the most prettiest girl in the small town. Everyone wanted to be with her and marry her make her a housewife, but she had much more bigger plans for herself. She wanted to study she loved to read books she did not want to get married I not with anybody in the town. Books for her passion is she always like going to the bookstore sugar land chiropractors and getting new books to read because it always helped her escape from the reality and the small town in the countryside where they would. Everyone had their eye out on bail I wanted to marry her but there was one person in particular who was after her and his name was Gaston. Gaston Horse also known to be the most biggest and a handsome guy in the small country town. All the girls wanted to be with him I told him and look up to him but ironically do you only person who could care less about him was Bell. She did not care for much about him and have no interest in him whatsoever. One day she was out in town to go get another new book from the bookstore she came and pass with him, and he told her that instead of spending all her days reading she should be doing housework. She does not like to be known as on the woman to the house for a woman can study and a few other things too. She took no attention to him and walked away. Did not give up so he insisted that he was going to get her one or not, so he decided to plan 2 propose to her. I’m finally arrived back home her and her father had been working on a new dimension that he was going to present at the fair in a different time next nearby. Balance to sit on going sugar land chiropractors but her father assured her that he could go by himself and that she could stay home and take care of the house so she agree with her father and he went off on his own to go to the fair in a nearby and present his new venture. As he was on his way back home, he seem to have gotten a bit of a loss came to a dead end with to Pat’s. He wanted to take a shortcut but the horse sense that the shortcut was a bad idea and that they should take the longer more sure way but he insisted and so they win on the shortcut Road. There was lots of branches on the road and it was dark and there were many creepy noises in the air. Silently they came across sugar land chiropractors√≠ wolves that started chasing them and the horse quickly ran as fast as he could knocking him off of the horse. He fell off the horse and the horse quickly ran away without him. He screamed at the horse to come back but the horse was long gone, and it was already dark and cold, so he knew he had to find shelter quick. He walked for a bit longer trying to find a place to stay when he came across a huge abandoned castle. he called out for how to see if someone was home, but nobody would answer, and he then proceeded to go inside the castle to just stay the night and sugar land chiropractors he would be gone the next morning. It was very cold outside, and shivering and he knew he had to stay there at least till the morning till he was able to go back home. as he was exploring a castle trying to find somewhere to sleep, he saw a big ugly beast. You scream for his life and the Beast grabbed him and took him down to a dungeon. He asked him what he was doing there then he told him everything that had happened, but the police did not care he kept him locked up in the dungeon. Maurice was scared and did not know what to do. meanwhile all of this was happening bill was back at home doing her regular stuff when Gaston surprise her at the door. He quickly win in and sugar land chiropractors have decided that he was going to propose to her. Bill. It was a bad idea and she did not want to get married especially not with him, but he continued to persuade her and why you would be a good idea for both of them to get married. She denied his request and ended up making a fool out of himself in front of everyone because she rejected him. As they were disgusting Maurice’s horse came back Annabelle was surprised as to where her father was. The horse was scared and kept on screaming and Bell knew something was wrong so she quickly Left Gaston on and went out to rescue her father. The song was upset at Bell for having to leave her in front of everyone embarrassed and rejected. He had already planned the wedding and a cake and for the ceremony to pursue and for bell to just leave him like that in front of everyone was a huge embarrassment for himself. He really did like Bill and did not want to give up on her so he decided that he would continue to try his best to persuade her and make her his wife. Gaston also had a right-wing man that always followed him and listened and did whatever he asked him to sugar land chiropractors do even if it was the most ridiculous request. He looked up to him and knew he wanted to be just like him. He told her son that he would help him try to win Bells heart so that both of them get married.