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Just as Miguel was going to get the blessing sugar land chiropractors of his famous great, great, great, great grandfather’s musician Skeleton Man Named Hector walked in on them. He told them that they had a deal on that you should have not just run away off like that. Miguel’s famous great-grandfather was shocked to see the Skeleton Man Named Hector and asked if they knew each other and maybe I’ll told him that yes I had made a deal with him but he no longer wanted nothing to do with him and then that was when the skeleton men named Hector and Miguel’s famous Greek grandfather musician I said hi to each other because sugar land chiropractors they had been a long time that they have seen each other. Miguel was surprised to see that they both knew each other but he has somehow they knew each other that was funny was revealed that they have both used to sing together and travel around the world listening to music and singing but Hydro had passed away and that was when the last time that they had seen each other. the Skeleton Man Named Hector told Miguel that is famous sugar land chiropractorsí great musician had betrayed him because he told him that he wanted to go back home and view with his family and raised his daughter but Miguel’s famous great musician Julio wanted to continue touring and making music. He told them that he apologized for what he had done and that it was done an all over with because they were both dead and it didn’t matter anymore. He told the Skeleton Man impactor that you would move Heaven and Earth for him because I was his friend and that was when it quickly kicked to Miguel. He told him it was just like in the movie that you would move Heaven and Earth for him and then the skeleton men Hector became confused. He wanted to know is what he was talking about sugar land chiropractors and Miguel told the Skeleton Man Named factor that in the famous movie or his great-grandfather musician was playing and he said that he would move heaven and hearts for him as well and then he ended up poisoning his friend. That was when it all click to the Skeleton Man Named Hector and he realized that he did not die from choking on a piece of sausage like everyone have been making fun of him. Miguel’s famous great-grandfather musician sugar land chiropractors was the one that had poison him the day that he had left. He was upset that he had wanted to go back to his family and raised his daughter and he did not want him to go back you wanted him to continue to make music and tour with him and play so that they could become famous. He was the one that poisoned him and he was a reason that he was dead. He became very upset and started to attack Miguel’s famous great-grandfather musician and so he called the security guards and had the skeleton men Hector kicked out and taken away. Miguel’s child us what had happened, and he couldn’t believe that famous musician great-grandfather Julio sugar land chiropractors would be capable of killing a man for wanting to spend time with his family and race his daughter. The musicianís great-grandfather told him that it was not true and that he did not need to believe him. But then just as he was going to give the blessing Hicks could change his mind and Todd Miguel to leave with the security guard Us Fall. Miguel told him why he was asking him to leave at the security guards he was supposed to get his Blessing back so that he could go back home to the land of the living and be with his family. His famous rescission great-grandfather told him that he did not care that he had already her too much and seen too much of the Land of the Dead and he was not going to go back to the land of the living and ruined everything in his sugar land chiropractors reputation that he had left behind. He had heard way too much and knew the truth about what happened to the Skeleton Man name is Hector and he was not going to risk it off, so he had him escorted with the security guard as well. They threw Miguel into ATT pool while he fell into us a lick of water and Miguel quickly got out choking from the water and started crying and believe that his grandfather had done that to him. He also took a look as his hands and saw that they were all skeletons in that slowly but surely he was going to turn into skeleton and be stuck in the Land of the Dead Forever. He felt bad for what he had happened he felt that it was all his fault and that you should have just listened to his great-great-grandmother who had originally told him in the first place to not play any music because music Just Brakes family parts and causes trouble. Miguel crying and upset and I believe it was just had happened and he felt sorry for everything that he had done and he had just wanted to go home and be with his family. He didn’t care about music anymore he just wanted to be at home and do sugar land chiropractors whatever I cook so I could leave. That was when she was crying he looked up and he thought that the skeleton and Hector was as well. He walked up to him and apologize for everything that he had done what he had was going through the Skeleton Man impact I told him that it was okay that it didn’t matter anymore because he was fading away and he only had until tonight for his daughter to remember him if not he would vanish forever.