Now with Paulina being back at home she thinks that she can turn things around. Paulina have found out that her father has two in it and his behavior and money wasting into the cold is different and not good. Designer Hospital in fired from her architect job because she did a really bad job on this one building. everyone in the Cavalry is glad to see Sugar Land Chiropractors Paulina is back and tells her that they were sure to stay but she assures them that she was going back to Madrid with money I will say as soon as all of this is over. The flower shop has now become much more different than what it usually was, and they are trying to convert it into an aquarium. Paulina looks into the flower shop Sugar Land Chiropractors and tell them that she plans on getting to plow or shop back if it’s the last thing she does. She knows how much the flower shop that’s her mother and she is going to try to do her best to get it back. on the Casual Dame Julian happens to walk and to Diego and sees that he is there. Julianne furious at Diego tell them that he was in the worst and that he cannot believe that he stole all the Cabaret money from the family. Diego tells him that he did not steal anything however he only took what it was his part because he was in contact the entire Sugar Land chiropractors time with Virginia or she was in Houston before she died and she told him that he could take his amount for working for with the family for a very long time and everything that the family has done so he had a part in the money as well so he was allowed to take what was his. Julian and shock still does not believe Diego and continues to call him a thief for everything that he has stolen. Regardless of having to see Diego Julian keeps it to himself Sugar Land Chiropractors that he has been in contact with him and does not tell neither of his sisters especially Paulina because he knows that she is out to get revenge on him. Paulina goes and visits her mothers grave when she sees a young around her age visiting her mothers grave as well. Confused as to who this man is since she has never met or seen him before she is convinced that this is her mothersí boyfriend while she was still alive in Houston. The young man tells Paulina that he was and that during her last days Virginia did not care about the flower shop anymore but mostly wanted all her children together Sugar Land Chiropractors and be the once perfect family they have always been. Paulina Assures him that she is going to everything she can to get her mothers flower shop and all of the siblings are fine. Paulina then goes into the flower shop and tells the new if there is any way or anything, she can do to win the flower shop back. They tell her that they are willing to give her the flower shop back if she pays a big amount of money. More then what Virginia had originally sold it for. Paulina tells them that she is going to give them whatever they ask for as soon as she can gather all the money back and walks away. Paulinaís plan is to make lots of money from the cabaret Sugar Land Chiropractors in order to buy the flower shop back. Seeing that the cabaret has gone completely downhill since she left for Madrid, she makes big changes so that they can start to get more clients. Julian suggests to put an escort business in the cabaret and although it is illegal in Mexico she assures the cabaret workers that they are not going to get caught and this was all just going to be temporary till she is able to buy the flower shop back. Opening night comes and the cabaret seems to be making much more money thru the escorts rather then then the performers and Paulina realizes that buying the flower shop is going to take much longer then she had originally wanted. Suddenly Diego walks in with a huge amount of money and tells them to use it to buy the flower shop back. Paulina is amused since she knows that money came from them from what he had originally stolen Sugar Land Chiropractors however she comes up with even a better plan. Paulina tells Diego that if he wants to make amends with the family, he must take charge of the cabaret. At first Diego does not agree since he knows there are doing illegal escort business within the cabaret but agree because he wants to make it up to the family for all the trouble he has caused. Back at the cabaret the performers become annoyed with the escorts and the changes made within the cabaret and tell the police about the illegal activity going on within the cabaret. Paulina is in shocked however she tells authorities that the owner of the cabaret is Diego and pinpoints all the fault on him. Mexican authorities arrest Diego and take him away. Diego comes into realization that this was all Paulinaís Sugar Land Chiropractors elaborate plan to set him up. He knows that this was all just a plan of hers to get him back for running away with the money he had stolen. After Diegoís arrest Paulina speaks to the man who was at her motherís grave and explains to him all that had just happened. The man admits to Paulina that Diego had been in contact with Virginia in the entire time she was in Houston sending her money and helping her with anything she needed. HE also tells Paulina that Diego never stole any money but in fact it was her mother Virginia who told her to take the money and leave.