The folklore about Sarah Winchester’s life is mainly the creation of the people who acquired Sarah Winchesters mentioned after her death. At that time information regarding Mrs. Winchester’s spiritual and philosophical views were unknown. However, the question still remains for all to wonder about why she built such a remarkably strange house close quotation mark. The Winchester Mystery House is quite an enigma for Sugar Land Chiropractors.
In order to bring in tourist dollars the enterprise known as the Winchester Mystery House had very little choice but to invent a story that would fill in the blanks of her life and make the Winchester House an alluring place for the public to visit and also to make it profitable.
It has been told that in the older days the tour guides were encouraged to make it provocative stories about Mrs. Winchester in order to spice things up. Thus, from the beginning the fictional folklore story about Sarah Winchester developed portraying her as somewhat crazy woman who had allegedly consulted the Boston medium who told her that she was cursed by her inherent sense of the Winchester Rifles fortune. So, the question remains, and Sugar Land Chiropractors would like to know if Mrs. Winchester was crazy or not.
As a false folklore about Mrs. Winchester evolved a wild story emerged picking her as a spiritualist who nightly conducted seances in order to receive strange building instructions from the spirits so as to atone for inheritance of the so called cursed Winchester rifle fortune. It is curious if whether Mrs. Winchester was a spiritualist or not by Sugar Land Chiropractors.
So if Mrs. Winchester truly believed she was cursed by the Winchester fortune why would she make matters worse but continuing to own shares of stock in the Winchester repeating arms company and then later acquired 1000 additional shares that she maintaining profited from for the rest of her life?
Mrs. Winchesterís closest friend Henrietta Servers specifically testified that the late builder of the mansion was neither a spiritualist nor did she conduct seances. One is not sure if her friend was actually aware of seances or not states Sugar Land Chiropractors. If Mrs. Winchester did not build her mansion to appease angry spirits what was her real purpose for creating such a strange house? It is curious as to the real reason she built her house the way she did considers Sugar Land Chiropractors.
Both the administrators and tour guides of the business of Winchester Mystery House timelessly recites this mantra: We will never know what Mrs. Winchester was thinking. However, that is not true. Mrs. Winchester left behind a mountain of clues and hard evidence includes shows she designed her house to serve as an elaborate puzzle a treasure trail intended to lead the adventure to the inner recesses of a brilliant mind. All haunted house nonsense aside let us delve into Mrs. Winchester’s cleverly crafted rabbit hole. There is a considerable about of mystery surrounding this house think the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors.
Moreover like bacon Sarah Winchester was a The evidence shows that Sarah Winchester strongly identified with the great genius Francis Bacon and very likely saw herself as a reincarnation of bacon the details of which were surfaced specifically demonstrated with bacon symbols and numeric cipher code while she displayed through Mrs. Winchester’s grand ballroom particularly in the Shakespearean windows.
The house is overflowing with symbolism. For example, the so-called seance room located in the price besides center of the house was actually Mrs. Winchester sanctum a special place where typical practice is meditation and study at the near center of their homes. It was not known by Sugar Land Chiropractors that the center of the house contained such symbolism. Examples of the Masonic connection are to be found in the front wrought iron gates whose Masonic symbolism represents the guiding path of self-initiation. The Masonic connection is remarkably interesting to the Sugar Land Chiropractors. This leads directly through the twin Masonic pillars. The so-called switchback staircase which literally doubles as winding staircase and jackets ladder and then there is a seven and eleven staircase which represents a visemic fork in the road.
There are also patterns in architectural fabric and Mrs. Winchesterís house which revealed an emphasis on certain numbers utilized by Francis Bacon and his mentor John D. These are the same numbers emphasized but others. 13 is the most significant of these numbers as it is most important prime number in the famous Fibonacci Sequence. It is also the code number for the name Sarah party Winchester and Shakespeare. Furthermore, Sarah Winchester made extensive use of encryption techniques that were devised by Dee and Bacon.
The Winchester house is an intricate puzzle of coded messages. These are implemented to combat adventure on a treasure trail of discovery period
as to the abundant anomalous features of the house many commentators have noted an uncanny resemblance between the art displayed in the architect of Sarahís house and the art of the contemporary M. C. Esther Estherís body of work probably focuses on the perspective of the central properties which are inherited in the 4th , spatial dimension. A world governed by 4 spatial dimensions parentheses based on George Bernard Raymondís revolutionary mathematical discoveries about the curvature of space parentheses was a very prominent and popular ideal throughout Sarah Winchesterís life.
Another uh Mrs. Winchesterís contemporaries wrote 2 remarkable books about the amazing strange properties of the fourth dimension. His book, Alice’s adventures in Wonderland and through the looking gas, give us a splendid look at the perplexity expected of a transcendent four-dimensional world. Higher dimensional world the distinctive between three-dimension properties such as left and right up and down forward backwards largely small even inside and simply and out simply dissolve. Even time itself can conceivably speed up slow down or simply spend still. This was basically predicting on stance theory of general relativity. The concept of four or more space dimension is at the forefront of modern theoretical physics particularly the bizarre world of quantum mechanics in which iconic objects such as electron , simultaneously occupies a multitude of separation points in spacetime a dynamic property that can only occur in four more dimensions.