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The girls pulled up into a small Shady town at night and realized they would need one of the Sugar Land chiropractors tomorrow. They decided that it was starting to get late and that they were going to need to find a place to stay. Marcella did not want to find a place to stay. She wants to get to her destination quick I have to keep on driving till they arrive. Suddenly that was one Vera. she stopped in the middle of driving in the town where there was absolutely nothing around. The girls asked her what was wrong and why had she had stuff driving. She said that her tire was hello and add no air in it. everyone was disappointed because they thought that they were going to have to be stuck sugar land chiropractors there in the middle of nowhere without anywhere to go. That was fun Marcella going out to the car and went to go check on the tire. As soon as she got off of the car to go check on the tire there so quickly lock the door and drove off. Everyone was shocked that she had to stroganoff like that without telling them what the plant was. They told her that Marcella was going to be very disappointed if she found them and maybe even kill them. She said that that was exactly the reason why she had to drive off and leave her there. It was because they were in danger and then did not want to die and so that is why they had to get rid of her quickly. Carla and blue seal that although what she was saying was true still, they kind of felt bad for Marsala to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and see how she was going to get help. The girls finally drove off into a bit further ahead or there was a town and decided to stay there in a hotel to get some rest. When they arrive to the hotel, they had seen that Marcella our loved her backpack inside the car. they didn’t really care about what was in the backpack and wanted to throw it away, but Rocio was interested in sugar land chiropractors to see what Marcella was care in the backpack. She knew that Marcella was up to no good but also needed help because she could not help but notice the sad and worried look her face all the time. Vera got a care any less of what was going on and she was just glad that they had a finally gotten rid of her and that they would be able to continue their road trip. After they decided to rest, they woke up the next morning and they all have breakfast and want to go on a little shopping spree so that they could continue their road trip. There are no signs of Marcella anywhere and the girls felt like they were safe and ready to continue their trip just to three of them like it was supposed to be. They went of driving and had breakfast and meanwhile all of that was going on Garcia was receiving lots of phone calls from her parents and fiancÈ asking her where she was and begging her to come back home. We’ll see you told them that she was lost and was trying to find herself. She ended up revealing to her father that she was not going to go back home. She was using this trip to be able to find herself again because she was tired of everyone decide on her future and what she was supposed to do. She was tired of having to keep up the image that her father wanted sugar land chiropractors when really it was in about what she wanted after all. Nobody care or had asked her what she wanted or how she felt, and it was as if she was just speaking to a brick wall and getting nowhere. Roseus father was Furious and told her that they did not waste all that money and she did not go through all those studies just for her not to continue her career. He told her that she had to return home immediately because she had to leave for Switzerland with her fiancÈ so that she can start working. He then told her that he was going to fly out his fiancÈ to go out and look for her and sugar land chiropractors bring her back home. She told her father that she was not going to be going anywhere. I will see you soon on side was also begging her to come back home. He was confused as to what exactly was going on with her because she never really communicated with him about her feelings. She always kept things to herself especially when it came to her feelings Banshee did not really know how to express herself. One loved her and knew that he wanted to be with her and marry her, but he did not understand why lately she had been acting the way she has. He too was also excited to go with her to Switzerland so that they could get married and she can start her career. He always supported her in her career but a little part of him was just like her father who never actually listen to her and ask her how she felt. The next morning of the girls were enjoying themselves and their shopping spree Lucille was tired of listening to her parents and her fiancÈ car for her. She had already decided that she was not going to go back sugar land chiropractors and that there was no way that they could change her mind otherwise. She was however more intrigued as to what was going on with myself . she wanted to help sugar land chiropractors her and see what she was up front because Marcelo was so close minded and did not tell them anything, she decided to look into her backpack that she was carrying to see if she could learn a little bit more about her.