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She also had stated that he was sugar land chiropractors to never play music again because that was what broke their family. Miguel and his grandmother had made a deal that she would give him her blessing so that he could be able to go back to the land of the living and put her picture on the altar like it was supposed to originally be in. He was very upset that she had said that because music was his entire life and he loved it more than anything else but he agreed so, so he held onto the panel that she had given him and he quickly was able to be transferred back to the land of the living. As soon as he got back to the land of the living he played the guitar again and immediately went back to the Land of the Dead. It had not even been at least 30 seconds sugar land chiropractors when he had returned he had already gone back into sub-8 the rules that his great-grandmother had gave him. She was very upset that he had not follow the rules and was not doing what she had asked him. He told her that she could not ban music from his life because music was what he love the most and it was what he enjoyed doing. I told him that he had to obey because music was what broke up their family and their original first place but he immediately remember that the security guard said that he couldn’t get his Blessing from any family member. Quickly Miguel. Have a plan and ask to go to the bathroom. When he stepped out the room everyone realize that there was no bathrooms in the Land of the Dead because everybody was already dead and did not use bathrooms. So they went to go look for sugar land chirpractors Miguel but Miguel had already escaped trying to come up with his plan. Miguel had planned that instead of having his great-grandmother’s Blessing to give him to go back to the land of the living He was going to get is famous musicians great-grandfather’s blessing and that way he would be able to go back to the dead and continue to play his music. His great grandfather would understand that music is his life and everything for him and he would be able to give him the blessing without having to banish him from playing music. He did not know where to even begin or start off when suddenly he came across the Skeleton Man again that he had seen earlier that night trying to get to the land of the living. He heard him say that he knew the famous musician sugar land chiropractors Julio and so he went to go ask him for help. When he asked them for help the guy told him that he had his own problems of his own to deal with trying to get back to the land of the living. Then the man quickly. Also of a brilliant idea and told him to kill and that if he helped him find his famous great-grandfather that he was to put his picture in an altar so that he could be able to go to the land of the living. The Skeleton Man and Miguel both agreed on this deal so that way they could both get what they wanted and went to go look for the famous musician Julio. Miguel asked the man where were they going to go forced to live for the man and he said he knew a place where he could possibly be. The Skeleton Man told Miguel that his great-grandfather famous musician sugar land chiropractors Julio always throws in extravagant party every day of the dead and that that is where he would be. However, he has a rehearsal and he knows a friend who could help him see the musician. And so they went to a rehearsal so that they could see if they could find Miguel’s famous great-grandfather musician Julio. When they arrived to the place Miguel came across Frida Kahlo. she was also preparing for the rehearsal and needed some advice on how to do the entrance performance of her famous musician grandfather Julio. Miguel gave Frida Kahlo some advise and notes on how her performance Insurance should be. Frida Kahlo toad Miguel that he did not go to his rehearsal because he never sugar land chiropractors practice and just perfect sit each performer every time. she did think Miguel for giving him that advice in that she was going to use it for her performance at his great grandfather’s Day of the Dead Extravaganza party. Upset that his father was not at the rehearsal like he was supposed to be too hot to pick up another player quickly so that he could be able to go to the party and get his great-grandfather’s Blessing. Skeleton Man told Miguel that only special people were allowed to go into the party. If they did not have an invitation there was no way that they could go in. And just as they were talking they saw that there was a talent show going on of performers. the performer who was to win the talent show was to be able to go into Miguel’s famous great-grandfather musician sugar land chiropractors Day of the Dead Extravaganza. Both the Skeleton Man and Miguel knew that this was their opportunity so that he could be able to get into the party. Miguel told the man that he could perform in the talent show but he did not have an instrument. The Skeleton Man knew someone who did have a guitar and told Miguel that they would have to go quickly to get the guitar so that he sugar land chiropractors would be able to play in the talent show. Sao Miguel followed the Skeleton Man to a more darker side of the Land of the Dead where everything seems so depressing and lonely. He asks the Skeleton Man Who these people were and he said that they were people who pictures were not in the altars and we’re slowly being forgotten.