Thank you for joining me once again this evening for another podcast. This time we will be discussing Sugar land chiropractors and their ability to treat the spine. Most people when you say you are seeing a chiropractor will assume your have a problem with your neck and your back. While this is not the only area in which a chiropractor can treat, being an expert of the spine is certainly one of our primary areas.
Any of the Sugar land chiropractors you go see are capable of performing a chiropractic adjustment. The method of adjustment performed however can vary widely from using their hands to using tools like activators to using crystals and some even use aura adjustments. The quality of adjustment depends on the doctor performing the adjustment. At Restoration Health, I myself, utilize the diversified technique most often. This technique had a wide array of adjustment which can be performed to not only the spine but also extremities, meaning shoulders wrists knees and ankles. Another method of adjusting I utilize is the sacrooccipital technique where the pelvis and the occipital are adjusted. The occiput is the base of the skull with the pelvis being your sacroiliac joints primarily. This technique uses blocks to adjust the pelvis. The final technique I utilize on my office is the activator. This uses a small tool to perform the adjustment. I primarily use this on patients who have weak or brittle bones or children to make it more comfortable for them.

What sets myself apart from other Sugar land chiropractors is these wide variety of different techniques which can be used to adjust patients. Since everyone. Is unique, as a doctor I have spent my time mastering and perfecting these techniques to provide a better more holistic treatment experience for my patients.This ensures the patients can you better in an optimal time frame so they can return what they want to do more quickly.
For other sugar land chiropractors most simply employ a single technique thereby limiting the number of treatments available for patients. This means that youíre not getting an optimal treatment plan which may take longer for you to get better or may not be the proper or most effective treatment for your condition. Therefore please contact Restoration Health so that when we may schedule you an appointment so we can start your journey to getting better as quickly as possible.

Now we have a different techniques out-of-the-way we can return to the conversation about the spy. The spine is made up of individual Ponta Cana vertebrae and depending on the age of the patient depends on how many vertebrae there are. Each these vertebrae his joints which connected to the vertebrae above it and below it in the vertebrae in the mid back also have connections for the ribs. What this means is that each one of these joints or these vertebrae have connections can have dysfunction. Dysfunction bites for her name means That the normal functional motion the joint is supposed to have is no longer present.What this means for Sugar land chiropractors it is an adjustment is required to restore this normal function or free range of motion to this dysfunctional joint.From these examples of the dress but we will be using the diversified technique is this is the most commonly employed technique by Sugar land chiropractors for joint dysfunction.
When the chiropractor comes across this joint dysfunction using their skill called palpationwhere they feel for this free range of motion, we performed a chiropractic adjustment. This is a quick impulse done in a specific line or plane of the joint which will often produce an audible pop or crack commonly associated with Chiropractors. The pop or crack produced has no bearing on the adjustment, they are simply the sounds of gas escaping from the joint. Whether the pop is heard or not is not the sign of a good or bad adjustment. What determines a good adjustment is the ability of the adjustment to restore normal free range of motion to the joint.

For the cervical spine symptoms of joint dysfunction can include a stiff neck a tight feeling or tension a pressure feeling sharp pains discomfort extended to the shoulders are up in the head headaches trouble sleeping trouble with range of motion etc. For the lumbar spine symptoms again include a tight feeling tension pressure sharp pains and discomfort this time extending either up into the back down to the glutes sometimes even down into the leg just above the knee.
For Sugar land chiropractors adjustments to the neck and low back are very common treatments for these ailments. These are very safe procedures because the chiropractor does not go to school to learn how to adjust they go to school to learn when not to adjust the patient. This means that you are in very good hands in the matter which chiropractor you were seeing. They have thousands and thousands of hours of education most if theyíve been in practice for any amount of time Iíve seen hundreds and hundreds of patients which means the education plus experience will provide you with proper and safe treatment. In addition to a good adjustment chiropractor may perform passive therapies electrical stimulation and ultrasound to help with the pain muscle tension and soreness associated with the conditions which require an adjustment. These passive therapies combined with the adjustment to make sure that you always leave the chiropractorís office feeling much better with increased range of motion and decrease pain compared to when you enter the office.

Thank you for joining me again this evening hopefully you enjoyed and the information about techniques for adjusting symptoms of neck and low back pain and what chiropractors can do to help the symptoms if youíre looking for sugar land chiropractors please feel free to contact Restoration Health to set up an appointment so that way we may create a treatment plan and get you on the path to health. Thank you and have a good evening.