Now I know the truth about Nina feels guilty for what she has done to Diego. She tries to call her lover muddy outside to come down and see if she can help him ever, she is not able to because she still has not been able to get her passport. Paulina decides to start a riot outside of the Mexican police department and tell them to Sugar Land Chiropractors let go of the ego because he is innocent. Elena tells Julian that Diego is in her son and holy and tells him that he had been knowing that the entire time. Paulina told her that she is going to do whatever she can to get Diego out of jail. what the riot outside of the child not working. Paulina decides to turn herself in to the authorities and tell them the truth. Although she has no criminal record or his three Sugar Land Chiropractors and she’s scared turn yourself in and going to jail she knows that it is the correct the right thing for her to do since she does feel extremely guilty for what she has done to Diego. She feels like it is enough damage that they have done to each other hon. It is now time to end things the right way and do things correctly. Until Paulina calls Maria Jose to get her out of jail. Maria Jose isn’t shocked to find out that Sugar Land Chiropractors Farina is in jail in that her original plan was supposed to only be to breed her mother’s well and come back home to Madrid. Idea outside quickly flies to Mexico to try to get Paulina out but she cannot so she tells her sister purification if she can go and handle things and take her out but to keep her updated on to it is going out. Perfect station decides to go to Mexico are Sugar Land Chiropractors parting out just like Maria Jose said however cheap tell her intentions are very different. tells about Lena that she is going to try her best to try to keep her in jail as long as she can so that she does not come out and that Maria Jose can finally leave her sister alone. purification also cancels all of Paulina still visits and Sugar Land Chiropractors phone calls so that she is not able to notify her friends and family as to what is going on really inside the person. to make matters worse Power Ranger gets locked up in a cell with her father at Nestle’s science cult leader wife. Wife turn everyone against spirulina and tries to get them to kill her. Parking is in shock with everything that is going on and wants to get a hold of Maria ho said to explain to her happening and to try to set her free but she is unable to get ahold of her since purification has canceled and stopped all her visits and phone calls. Meanwhile I don’t care if Purification is telling Maria Jose said that everything is under control and that pouting that should be released soon however it is more far from the truth. Purifications overall plan is to make sure that pouting us season jail so that her and my DL so I can continue to live there no more everyday Sugar Land Chiropractors lives in Madrid without having family night in it. Starting to suspect of purifications actions Maria Jose decides to fly to Mexico herself after finally getting her passport only to discover that when she arrives that things are much more far from the truth. She finds out that purification has not been taking her medications and does she have been imitating Sugar Land Chiropractors to be her the entire time she has been in Mexico. She also finds out that purification is trying to make voting us life much more complicated by keeping her in jail when she could have been out a long time ago. Maria ho so quickly gets ballerina out of jail and when she confronts perfect vision of what is going on. Vacation starts to freak out and says that she does not need to take her medication and that she is perfectly fine. She tells Maria Jose that does not need anything or anyone and locks her in the bathroom after having a complete meltdown. Maria Jose lights in the bathroom weights for hours until Paulina is finally able to get her out of the bathroom what are they both decide that perfectly she needs help and that she should be staying in a mental institute, so she feels much better. Finally, free now out the De La Mora siblings Sugar Land Chiropractors and spouse decide to go over Virginia’s will. and the will Virginia stated that a huge sum amount of money would be given to their family made that Leah for all her service she has done by taking care of the family. Virginia also states that nobody is keeping the flower shop as it is no longer a part of the family is, she has sold it. Upset Paulina decides to focus her attention on the Cabaret with Raquel’s oldest son Claudio. Maria Jose decides to stay in Mexico for a bit longer with probably enough while purification is in the mental institute language, so she gets out. Elena and Olean decide to do their own thing now that there is nothing in the world left for them and the flower shop is sold. Fall things seems to be moving on another la mora family they come to discover only that the people who own the House of Flowers plan on shutting the entire thing down and knocking the building. since the de la mora kids I’m not able to do anything they just sit back and wait for it to be knocked down even though they know deep down inside this is not what they wish for. Just as the building was about to be knocked over for good suddenly walks in Virginia’s mother. the De La Mora kids are stunned to see their grandmother walk in. She’ll stop to not knock this flower shop down. This flower shop is mine as I have given it to my daughter and now that she is dead it is mine again therefore, I see what goes in this flower shop.