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Everyone was trying their best to get oil the musician to give their great-grandfather Hector back his picture so that Miguel could be able to take it back to the land of the living and put it in the altar. The whole plan was to get Miguel back home sugar land chiropractors Before Sunrise if not he would be stuck I’ve been skeleton for the rest of his life and I’ll be able to go back to the land of the living. They were running out of time and they knew they had to do this quick so that you could be able to make it back on time and be back with his family in the land of the living because he was not supposed to be there in the first place. Julio the musician grabs his great-grandmother and started to sing along with her so that they can bend in to the performance that way they wouldn’t cause a big show to the audience and not know what was going on really behind Buck stage. But you look great grandmother tried running away from him taking the picture away from her and Escape but he continued to follow her and sing along with her and acting like as if it wasn’t too old for them to sing along together and perform the show for the audience. The audience did not know what was going on but it was finally till She was able to step on him on the evil of the performance and get a hold of the picture. He quickly started shouting and everyone applauded them for the group performance that they had done and she ran off the stage as fast as she could. She felt this fire that she sugar land chiropractors had never felt inside of her in a very long time. Music was her passion this well and it had been such a long time since she had seen because she had band music from her whole family because she thought that it was a broker Bromley apart but at the end it was what makes family together. The music was what brought her family together and there was no reason for her to head down the street in the first place. Although her shoe making success was going well sugar land chiropractors with all of her and her family music was what their family was originally about. They were a family of musicians and she had stopped her family from doing all of this for such a long time because she was so afraid that it would break her family again but really it was what United her and after sinking the performance even though it wasn’t actually a real one it had made her feel a spark that she hadn’t felt in a very long time and she knew that she was wrong for trying to blast Miguel and give him the blessing to not go back to the Land of the Dead it to sing. She knew that singing and music meant so much to him and she was no longer going to take that away from him sugar land chiropractors or the rest of their family. Just to say we’re about to give the blessing for Miguel to go back to the land of the living his Miguel finally decided that he was no longer going to listen to music because he was going to listen to his great-grandmother’s rules but when she was giving him the blessing she told him that he can sing as much as you want because she loves him and music is what he loves and that is what their family is all about. Bimle Miguel how to Cotton the blessing of listening to music and being able to play music and he couldn’t ask for anything better. It was starting to arises in Starbucks go quick so they were quickly going to give him the blessing as he thinks his grandmother on his great-grandfather when suddenly Julio the musician came out from behind them and snapped him away. He told him that he was not going to let him go back to the land of the living after he has seen so much in the Land of the Dead. While they were discussing one of Miguel’s deceased cousin’s pointed the camera at him so that the people in the audience could see exactly what was going on Backstage. It’s cool you’re the musician continue to proceed and said that everything was all just a mistake and that he doesn’t care if he killed Hector the Skeleton Man that it was all for the music and his Fame. You lived for the fame and he was not going to let me go back to the land of the living and take their all away from him after seeing everything that he had done. Miguel told him that he had never done anything that all his songs were written by his great-grandfather Hector and that he should be the one that should be credited in the land of the living and dead for all his hard work that he had been doing. It was not fair that he was taking the credit of his great-grandfather Hector and he should do it. Hector was proud to hear Miguel say all that about him and try to save Miguel from Julio the skeleton but he collapsed because he was Vanishing again. His great-grandmother was shocked to see what what’s happening and Miguel told him that their daughter Coco which was his grandmother was forgetting about him and he was going to vanish soon if they did not get sugar land chiropractors his photo back on the altar so that he could see her at least one last time. Julio the musician push Miguel down the clipped and everyone was so sad and shocked to see you fall down. they thought that it was going to be the end of Miguel and he had finally had died but suddenly his Spirit dog came and rescued him.