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The Skeleton Man and Miguel Moberly to have find out that they were related. It had turned out that Miguel was looking for the person who was not related to him blessing and even if you got that blessing you was not going to be able to go sugar land chiropractors back so he was so glad that he had found his great-grandfather and that was why he was not happy that he was finally going to be able to go home. The problem was that even if he could get the great blessing from his grandfather Hector, he had no way to because they were both stuck inside the hole in a pond and not able to get out. He quickly called out poor his spirit animal to come and take him out but suddenly his great-grandmother spirit and more showed up with her on there. When she showed up, she was so glad to have found Miguel and Miguel had promised her that he was going to do whatever she asked of him just so that she was able to get back to the land of the living. He had also told him that he had He would bird out who his great-grandfather was and it was Hector. when his great-grandmother saw his great-grandfather she was not that very happy to see him because she was still upset on how he had abandoned his daughter to go and play music. Before he had enough time to explain to his self about what had really happened Miguel told him that famous musician Julio had poison Hector before he was going to leave. Julio was upset that Hector was going to leave him and the music so that he could go back home and be with sugar land chiropractors his family and leaves his daughter and so he poisoned him so that he could steal all his songs and he could have continued to play and his Fame would grow. His great-grandmother was very surprised and shocked to hear this but she was still not ready to forgive Hector for abandoning him and his daughter in the first place. Regardless of what it was Hector quickly started to vanish slowly and that was when Miguel had told his great-grandmother that his grandma Coco was forgetting him in the land of the living. that was why it was important for him to go back to the land of the living and put the picture of his great-grandfather Hector all on the altar created for their deceased loved ones so that he could be able to go back to the land of the living and see his daughter one more time. The great grandmother dead felt sorry for what was going on and even though she was mad that he had abandoned her and her daughter for leaving him you still the father of her daughter and he did not want their daughter to forget about him so she agreed to help Miguel and his great-grandfather Hector on finding and sugar land chiropractors Julio the musician I’m getting that picture back so that Miguel could take it back to the land of the living once they had given him his Blessing. They all headed out so that they could go look for little girl them to help get the picture of the famous musician Julio. They headed back to the party with the help of the rest of my loved ones to go and find that picture and get it back. When they arrived, they quickly thought of a plan and where to find Julio get the picture and give Miguel the blessing so that he could be able to go back to the land of the living. And just had they arrived they sugar land chiropractors quickly found him, and he was there. Miguel’s great-grandmother slap the musician Julio for killing his great-grandfather Hector. Hector was glad to see that a part of his great-grandmother still cared about him and there was still something there since they used to be buried in the land of the living. But then quickly Julio the musician or ran away as fast as he could so that they could not reach him in that he could go onto stage he called the security to take care of them and he had it off trying to lose them. Everyone ran out after him trying to chase him down and get him to Google picture back and pay for what he has done. Unfortunately, that was not much the case as everyone had tried to get on him for what he had done he quickly trapped Miguel’s great-grandmother and cornered her onto the stage. Without knowing she was standing on a platform that was supposed to take oil the musician up onto the stage and she slowly began to arise onto the stage and when she got to the stage there was thousands of people cheering on for her and waiting for her because they thought that she was opening the show for who you’re the musician . Julio the musician told the security guards to quickly get her off of the stage because it was his show and he was supposed to be the one to perform. because great-grandmother was very nervous to be on stage and she know she had no other choice but to stay in because everybody was waiting on her and she didn’t want to show them what was going on Backstage. She hadn’t seen him very long time but she finally sugar land chiropractors let out the chair and hike to the musician started playing the guitar and it was just like in the old times when she would stink and he would played the guitar. They both enjoyed music together it was their life. Everything had changed when their daughter was before the deep down inside them they both still enjoyed music together. The rest of the family tried to back the security off so that they can let their great-grandmother continue to seeing and deal with Julio the musician.