Thank you for joining me in this evening. Iím Dr. Harrison Campbell from Restoration Health at Premier sugar land chiropractors office. Tonight we were discussing healthy eating habits. These healthy eating habits will not be centered diet but just in general rules of thumb in order to have a healthier lifestyle with eating. First to start with breaking down the three meals a day you will be eating. Breakfast the first meal of the day will be considered the most important meal of the day. Lunch will be with me your email around mid day it is also important meal of the day. Dinner is the last meal of the day it will be the smallest meal consumed of the three and the timing of this meal will also be important.
For sugar land chiropractors breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day as stated previously. This is due to the fact that this meal is the first meal after sleeping there by fasting overnight and will set the tone for the rest of the day for the bodyës metabolism and general affect. This meal will be the largest meal consumed during the day simply because the calories consumed at this time will be burned throughout the day therefore not being able to be stored as fat to be used later by the body. This meal should consist of complex carbohydrates to provide fuel throughout the day and would generally hold more covert carbohydrates in the other meals. Protein Will also be an important part of the meal so that way we can use it to restart and restore what was used overnight during the repair phase of the body.

Lunch for the midday meal for most sugar land chiropractors begin to differ on philosophy and what this meal should consist of Both food wise and timewise. And Restoration Health we consider lunch to be the second largest meal of the day again mission consist of complex carbohydrates but in a lesser quantities then it breakfast. Protein will again be an important part of this meal for similar reasons as a breakfast. When we were discussing protein let us talk about the importance of protein is taken recently and popular diet. Most diets will say you can never have too much protein Which is an incorrect statement. As most sugar land chiropractors will tell you consuming excessive amounts of protein will lead to protein needing to be excreted from the body. The body does this via the kidneys and Iím here to tell you that the kidneys struggle to filter proteins out of the bloodstream. Therefore excessive amounts of protein can potential he harm the kidneys it done for a long period of time.
As for dinner the last meal of the day this meal should be the smallest meal. This is because shortly after you consume dinner youíll be heading to bed for the evening and not burning the calories you just consumed those calories will be put in the storage as fat. Therefore you want to consume fewer calories so fewer calories can be stored as fat and this will help you Live a healthier lifestyle at a healthier weight.

Now we will switch gears towards the proper times to eat meals. Breakfast as stated previously will be the first meal of the day this is typically eaten shortly after people wake in the morning. For myself this typically means Iím eating breakfast around seven to seven thirty in the morning.
For lunch my midday meal as I work at Restoration Health in Premier Sugar land chiropractors office my lunch unfortunately fluctuates quite a bit due to patient load. However for most people lunch is usually at a static time and should be approximately three to four hours after breakfast. This will put most people at the noon time slot.
As for dinner dinner should typically be eating around six oíclock at the latest. And everybody should avoid eating dinner past eight oíclock as most sugar land chiropractors will tell you. Again this timeframe for dinner is due to not wanting to eat a heavy meal consume calories right before you plan on going to sleep for the night which will tell your body to just store those calories as fat.
The one topic which we have foregone talking about up until now are the snacks you consume between the three main meals of the day. For Sugar land chiropractors and doctors in general typically two to three hours after breakfast and two to three hours after lunch or when the snacks are consumed for the day.
As for what the snacks should consist of a protein with healthy fats are typically what they eat for a snack. This usually consist of nuts dried fruit yogurt something of this nature. This provides the nutrients that you need and has an assistant to get you to the next main meal of the day. Snacking is the one area which people I have to make mistakes with. This is due to them consuming too much during snack time or the wrong type of snacks and in many cases leads to the failure of whatever type of diet they are on. Therefore it is important to remember snacks are small quantities of food and you do not grays with them you eat your snack and then you donít keep eating snacks until your next meal.

IF you incorporate these tips into your daily diet and meal preparation you will see positive results. If you already follow these tips them you should be proud that you are taking steps towards having a healthy diet. Keep up the good work.
Thank you for joining me once again this evening. I do hope you continue to find these podcast educational. And should you find yourself needing the services of Sugar land chiropractors please do not hesitate to contact Restoration Health to schedule your appointment today. Once again thank you and have a good evening.