Thank you for joining me again this evening for this nightly podcast. I do this podcast in the hopes that you can better educate yourself so that when the time comes you can make a more informed decision about your health care. I am Dr. Harrison Campbell of Restoration Health at Premier sugar land chiropractors office. Previously we have been discussing the differences between active and passive care in regards to the treatment plan. Tonight we will be discussing both active and passive care combined so there are you wan you have a better understanding of what a treatment plan at Restoration Health will entail.
Now to recap the pass of care is quite often used in Sugar land chiropractors offices and this is treatment which is done to the patient passively barring no effort on the patientís part. Passive care also focuses on short term benefits and helps decrease pain and reduce inflammation for the patient. While beneficial to the patient a great deal of potential in the therapy is missed by focusing solely on this form of therapy. To provide complete care one must include the active care in the treatment plan if the patient is to receive the best possible results from the therapy.
As for the recap of active care if you sugar land chiropractors perform active care due to the time commitment it requires with a patient. Active care requires active participation from the patient and includes things like stretching and exercises. This care focuses on long-term gains for the patient in that the active care has a great deal of benefit for the patient as far as increasing strength and range of motion.
At Restoration Health we combine both active and passive care of it in order to buy provide the best treatment possible to our patients. The benefits of combining these two types of therapy into a single treatment plan cannot be overstated. With both active and passive care you get the short term benefits of the passive care as well as the long-term benefits of the active care and thus we can more holistically more completely treat what is ailing you in return you to health quicker. This allows you to return to your hobbies faster and get back to enjoying what you would like without the pain from the injuries you had sustained.
One of the better reasons to combine both active and passive care in a single treatment plan is the speed at which we can progress. Active care as many sugar land chiropractors who perform active care with their patients understand is uncomfortable for the patients. Active care designed to increase strength and range of motion in order to do this we have to continuously push the patient which can create some mild discomfort some inflammation and some swelling. Without passive care this discomfort and swelling would slow the rate of progression and prolong the treatment plan and prolong the patientís recovery time from the injury. With a passive care we can decrease the pain and the swelling caused during the act of care in this more quickly progress with the patientís treatment plan and get them better faster.
Addition to the patient progressing faster with both active and passive care scum behind the patient can be educated in exercises that will help them in the long term or simultaneously experiencing the benefits of decreased pain with passive care. This one sure that theyíre satisfied with her therapy and still receiving the maximum benefits of self therapy. This is why it is extremely important when looking through the Sugar land chiropractors available to treat you that you find one such as restoration health that will combine both active and passive care. Without combining both active and passive care you can expect a longer treatment plan and being in pain much longer than without having both types of treatment.
A typical treatment plan at Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office starts with passive care. This is done to get a good jump on decreasing the patients pain levels and reducing the inflammation. Shortly after this initial passive care the active care will begin. Initially the active care will focus on stretching to help decrease muscle tonicity and start promoting recovery.
From there the active care will progress into functional movements and strength gaining exercises. This will start promoting the patients return to health. Additionally the exercises will be a good foundation to work from once you have completed your treatment plan.
Hopefully this has provided an insight to the benefits from picking the right sugar land chiropractor office to seek treatment from. Having a well rounded treatment plan will provide you the most benefit with† your time commitment. With the right treatment plan you can expect to make steady progress towards returning to health. Your tie is valuable and the therapy you should receive should be worth the time you are spending to attend the therapy. This is why Restoration Health is the best bet when it comes to findings the right chiropractor to create the right treatment plan tailored for your health issues. We know what it requires to maximize your therapy visits by combining both active and passive therapies into a single treatment plan to provide the best progress with the time spent in therapy.
Thank you for joining me again this evening. I do hope you are enjoying these nightly podcasts and that you find them educational and informative. As always should you have more questions about treatment plans or active and passive care please call Restoration Health at Premier sugar land chiropractors office today in order to schedule yourself an appointment. Thank you once again for joining us have a good evening and good night.