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When we arrived, I was so excited to get off the plane and see what new adventures go waited me but we arrived and we immediately saw signs for her looking for sugar land chiropractors friend it was just an overall different feeling and atmosphere being in a new place. We did not know where to go but I remember what my father had told me when he had arrived for the very first time in the United States he told me that he just swallowed the people where they win and so that is exactly what I did I followed everyone I was on our plane. We then had to go into the line for those who were citizens could immediately check in and go forward and those like us needed a permit so that your passport could be stamped, and you could spend days in the country. We waited in line for a little while till it was time for us go and get the rest of our stuff. answer before you know it, we were place to sugar land chiropractors pick up our luggage ís. We picked up our luggage ís and as soon as we stepped outside, I felt this hot humid riding my face. The first thing I said was it’s really hot. I looked up and I saw a long line of people staring at us as we walked out. It was like as if we were so loved her knees walking down a red car paint are there waiting for us. my husband Park purse we already had some at the airport waiting to pick us up. It was the wife my husband’s Uncle waiting for us outside to pick us up . He immediately recognized her to have been quite a while since he had left in her and they shake hands and gave each other a hug. She’s been repeated herself and I was introduced by as my husband. She was very nice and friendly sugar land chiropractors and told us that she had been waiting and if we were ready to go. It was really hot and we had a lot of luggageís and we needed a buggy to help us carry them so she told me that I could wait in her car with the air on because my son was also very hot and tired of the trip we waited in her car as soon waited for the car my son was also been very fussy and thirsty so she bought us some drinks to go down because add our destination was still an hour away as we would be staying in the capital of the country. On our way there we exit the airport and he was just one long hallway and I saw people on the side of the road selling different foods and cashews but mostly coconuts. She told us that it was normal that these people would be on the side of the road selling fresh produce and especially coconuts since the country was to have a tropical weather with beautiful beaches. immediately on our way to the hotel or son fell asleep in the car and I was in such off to finally had arrived and all my life I had been wanting to go and visit the country and now I was finally here. I was take every single moment looking at the people and buildings and the rose and the sons and just pure amino acid being glad that I was finally here and I was pretty to learn more and see if beautiful country that my husband and my father how to grow up grow up in. We arrived hard as hell or we would be saying I checked it. Because we knew we were going to be staying for a little over a month we decided to get an apartment Hotel so that we can have a few more comfort and make ourselves feel the bed at home. We checked into our apartment in the hotel and it was very nice everything was clean, sugar land chiropractors and we left our luggageís because at that time we were very hungry and knew we had to eat. We also knew that we would have to buy groceries since we were going to be staying there for quite a while, we were going to be cooking so we left our stuff in our hotel and then went to a shopping center nearby. Because we were at the capital Centre everything was modernized and right at your fingertips. There were lots of restaurants and shopping center still from with grocery stores and saw buildings and transportation everywhere. We went to a shopping center sort of like a mom and you had to pay in the parking garage and there was also a grocery store. first, we went to the food court in ordered some fried chicken that we had tried before a restaurant in the States but it’s originally from this country, so you are eager to try and taste the difference of how to fry chicken with taste. It ended up to Cena much better than wheat and decided to take some home 2 later on. Once we were done eating, we decided to head over to cell phone store because since we were going to be working in the hotel even though we were on vacation we still had to work so we needed a router so that we can have private Wi-Fi in our room. we also decided to buy a joke for a phone since it would be easier for us to sugar land chiropractors me calls and uses UPS without having to have fun. We’ve been guided to go to the grocery store that we needed. The grocery store looks like any other grocery store has the same products some different but overall, it was all the same. We bought the stuff we needed.