Thank you for joining me again this evening for our nightly podcast. I am Dr. Harrison Campbell owner of Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. In tonightís podcast we will be discussing the pain cycle.
At its core the pain cycle is the cycle of pain generating inflammation and inflammation generating pain in its most simple form. As sugar land chiropractors can tell you people have been in chronic pain fear pain and will thus reduce their quality of life creating stress which in turn generates pain.
Diving deeper into the pain cycle we will analyze each part. It is important to note that this cycle is for chronic pain. Now a new injury can result in chronic pain if it treated properly. That being said should you require the services of sugar land chiropractors please call Restoration Health today to get an appointment set up so we can take care of your health concerns.

Chronic pain is pain which has been present for approximately thirty to ninety days or more. This pain is resulting from injured tissue which is not healing or not healing properly. Now the pain is feeds the pain cycle. As anyone who has been in chronic pain can tell you is that pain wears on you. Physically, mentally, emotionally pain will beat you down. You do not sleep well, it can interfere with your eating and thus your nutritional health. Ultimately this chronic pain will create a fear of this pain. You will modify your lifestyle to avoid this pain. Anything which you can do to prevent yourself from experiencing this pain you will do.
This process is called fear avoidance. As sugar land chiropractors will tell you that people will absolutely limit their lifestyle simply from fear. An example of this is that turning your head to the right triggers your next pain. You will find yourself rotating your body to the right not your next to avoid this pain from happening. While this example is relatively minor in cases of back pain people will avoid grocery shopping, avoid car rides, and even avoid walking to not have to deal with this back pain.
By limiting their necessary activities like grocery shopping or cleaning it impacts their mental health, And physical health. By avoiding trips in the car or walking people miss out on get together with friends or family. They miss out on fun activities. This impacts their emotional heath, their mental health, and will lead to impacts on their physical health. This fear avoidance as sugar land chiropractors call it will lead to a decreased quality of life. By missing out on fun activities or time spent with friends or family they miss out on fun, they miss out on great memories. By reducing these happy times they have a poor quality of life.
This poor quality of life creates stress, it creates depression, it will also impact their emotional and mental health which again will result in decreased physical health. The link between physical and mental or emotional health is very real and sugar land chiropractors understand this concept which is why we treat the patient holistically. Getting someone physically Health will only be temporary if they have mental or emotional health issues as well. If someone suffers from fear avoidance we must target this issue and return them to a point where they can have a good quality of life. We have to break this pain cycle.

No letís return to the stress part of the pain cycle. This stress created from the poor quality of life creates muscle tension. Poor blood circulation, elevated blood pressure, decreased immune system, and many more physical health problems as sugar land chiropractors will tell you. Stress also places havoc with mental and emotional health. Constant stress will decrease your quality of sleep. Constant stress will decrease your appetite leading to decreased nutritional health. This stress will in turn generate pain. This pain brings us back to the start of the pain cycle, which will continue to turn.
One of these parts of the pain cycle must be addressed and solved in order to break the pain cycle itself. Some will point to the actual pain. Just stop the pain the cycle stops. This pain is not the I stubbed my toe pain. This is chronic lingering pain if you remember from before. Reducing or stopping this pain is not always a simple task. However if we can reduce their pain we can increase their quality of life. We can reduce their fear avoidance if we reduce their pain. This can and will break the pain cycle.
Other say to target the fear avoidance portion. This can be a good place to target. Educate the patient on fear avoidance. Get a program or treatment plan established to help them understand that the pain will try to create fear avoidance. We need to help them know when they are limiting their activities through fear. By reducing this fear avoidance we can help restore a better quality of life.

We can also target the stress section of the cycle of pain. Similar to the fear avoidance we can help them to reduce the stress. We can create healthy practices to limit the stress experienced and thus break the pain cycle. By reducing the stress we can increase their quality of life which will break the pain cycle.
This was a brief overview of the pain cycle. We brushed the surface but did create a good look at what the pain cycle is and what it means for you. Should you be suffering from the pain cycle or know someone who is have them contact us at Restoration Health.
Thank you for joining in on our nightly podcasts. I do hope you found it educational. As always should you or someone you know require the services of sugar land chiropractors do not hesitate to call Restoration Health to schedule you an appointment today. Thanks once again for joining. Have a good evening and hope to see you next time.