Thank you for joining me again this evening for these nightly podcasts. I am Dr. Harrison Campbell main chiropractor and Restoration Health at Premier in Sugar land chiropractors office. Performance podcast in hopes that you can take tips and tricks to your daily life to have a healthier happier life style. And in tonightís podcast we will be discussing pain.
I believe we have discussed pain before but i felt it was a good time to revisit the topic for those of you who are new to these podcast. If you have talked with sugar land chiropractors they will all tell you pain is not the problem it is a symptom of the problem. This is by and large a foreign concept to most people as we live in a society which thrives off of if there is no pain there is no problem.
We have mentioned before that the body does not like being in pain any more than you do. This pain is the last symptom to present and usually the first symptom to go away. I believe I have provided the tooth ache analogy before. If you wake up in the mooring with a tooth ach and go to the dentist they will usually say there is a cavity. The cavity did not start that morning with the pain but slowly progressed to the point of pain.

You combine that knowledge with the previous statement of we thrive off the notion that there is no problem when there is no pain and people health will begin to suffer.
As sugar land chiropractors know there is an epidemic of chronic pain in this country and part of this is due to people not properly treating an injury at the onset. Without proper care an injury will continue to plague a person and will usually worse. With time.
Therefore it is my goal to educate as many people as possible on what pain is and how to effectively deal with it. Popping a pill and walking off an ankle sprain is not effective treatment. I challenge You to ask sugar land chiropractors if it is a good idea to push through a pulled hamstring. I guarantee the answer will be no.

At its core pain is a warning system for the body. Much like the warning lights on your car for low tire pressure or low fuel in the gas tank pain comes about to let us know there is a problem which needs to be addressed. Ignoring these warning lights in your car will create problems for you in the immediate future. Similarly ignoring pain will cause health problems for you in the immediate future. You ask anyone what they do when the gas light in their car comes on. They will tell you they stop to get gas usually at the nearest gas station to avoid being stranded on the road somewhere. Why then do we find it acceptable to ignore the pain warning light in our bodies and keep pushing on? Your car breaks down which while expensive you can replace this car. If you break down you cannot replace yourself.
The easiest way to address this pain or injury is to create an appointment with sugar land chiropractors so contact Restoration Health today. Chiropractors will address the nerves muscles bones and joints and help you heal from an injury and return to you hobbies as quickly and as safely as possible. By addressing the anatomy we cut directly to the problem and improve the pain. By addressing the anatomy we can focus on the inured tissue whether it be muscle ligament tendon bone or joint. This will allow us to reduce pain help injuries heal and restore health to our patients.
Medications mask the pain and will not target the problem. This means that the problem will still be present and the symptoms are more than likely to happen again once the medication is stopped. This is why sugar land chiropractors as a whole stare away from medication be the answer to the pain. Masking the pain by using medication as a band aid does not improve anything. Numbing the pain never works as a long term solution. Recently there has been a topic of opioid medications being over prescribed and it is an epidemic in this country.

The problem was not just the medication, it was not just patient being in chronic pain, and it was not even just the doctors over prescribing those types of medications. It was a combination of all three. In our society over the years the concept of popping a pill and my pain goes away or popping a pill and I am quote unquote better drives people to wanting a pill as the solution. Doctor and sugar land chiropractors are included in this, grow tired of patients not performing the exercises they have been prescribed or the therapy they were told to perform. This led to opioids being the answer to the pain instead of patients and doctors working to correct the problem.

As a whole doctors and patients need to refocus on the issue. The pain is not the issue it is a symptom. We need to focus on the injury which is causing the pain. This will help us reduce our dependence on opioids while simultaneously allowing us to reduce pain levels in patients across the board. Now there are cases where opioids are required but utilizing them for patients with pain simply because they are effective is not best practice in my opinion. Let us actually be doctors and address the problem instead of masking problems with medication. Let is treat injuries and educate patients on the proper way to deal with injuries and pain.

I do hope you found tonight informative and educational. If you know someone or if you yourself suffer from pain please contact Restoration Health today in order to schedule an appointment. If you or someone you know needs the services of Sugar land chiropractors please call Restoration Health today as well so that we can schedule an appointment. Thank you once again for Joining us and I hope to see you have a good night.