The top question will be answered today. What is that question? The question is ìIs all chiropractic care the same?î These questions get asked by a lot of Top Sugar Land Chiropractors new and established patients. What I can tell you is that it just depends on the chiropractor because every single chiropractor is going to have a background of chiropractic. They all will have a different tool they use and the approach to the health and wellness of their patients.

Think about it as an attorneyís office. As you probably know about the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial going on think about how each attorney represents themselves on the trial. Some are not as aggressive while others are more feisty throughout the trial. We can see that difference in all the attorneys and especially on Johnnyís side. Which is good because some love their Top Sugar Land Chiropractors job more than others not saying they do not love it, but some bring more energy as I should say. So, I am going to further explain what I meant by background, tools and approach that can be different between each chiropractor. The background we all know that a janitor by the name of William Harvey Lillard had his hearing returned after receiving an adjustment by Dr. Daniel D. Palmer.

Not saying that chiropractic care helps someone become not deaf, but it is the things that he noticed on Mr. Lillard. What exactly did he notice? Palmer noticed a lump on Mr. Lillardís back. The lump was related to the reason why Mr. Lillard was having Top Sugar Land Chiropractors hearing deficits. This was definitely a big one for chiropractic history. He opposed anything that he thought can be associated with medicine. This is things like vaccinations. He thought of the body as a supply of natural healing.

He was known as the father of chiropractic. Later along the line he founded the Palmer school and Cure in Davenport. Later on, the name was switched to what it is known now Palmer College of Chiropractic. Crazy how history revolves and transfers to todayís time. When oneís spine is not moving correctly due to having joint restrictions this will then interfere with the nervous system. When something interferes with the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors nervous system it decreases the overall function and health of your body, and this is not good. Which is why going to a chiropractor when this happens to you is important. When you get that chiropractic adjustment this helps that interference going on to be removed.

Once that interference is gone then the body will be able or should I say have to ability and the intelligence to be able to restore the function. Next blog we will get into the approach that I did not get to fit in in todays blog. I almost forgot but the tools or techniques that are being used. If this background was already interesting to you just wait for what is to come.