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Rocio did not want to tell her friends how she was sugar land chiropractors feeling and what she was going through. She just told her friend Berra that she was willing to go to that trip out of town that she had wanted to take earlier. They asked her what about her graduation and leaving for Switzerland the next morning so she can continue her doctor career. She assured them that she was willing to take the trip and that she just did not want to talk about it. The girls knew that she was going through quite some issues and did not want to ask her anymore questions and so they agreed all that they would just go on to the sugar land chiropractors trip without thinking any more of it and have some fun. Since this was a very last minute quick spontaneous trip Carla had I asked where they going to pack or what money were they going to take and they just decided to leave with what they were wearing and go on this trip and not ask any more questions sugar land chiropractors or especially not even tell anybody where they were heading to. Family had thought that she had ran out but did not know exactly what was going on so did not think much of it. The ceremony ended and they decided to our back home but now they were starting to wonder where she had gone off to. They knew that she was with her friends because they had run after her and they were nowhere to be found also. Her parents were not very big fans of their friends because they knew that they didn’t really focus on school and have their own sugar land chiropractors career doing something else and they thought that she should be hanging out with people who are focused on school and trying to work hard on their career. So, without a care in the world both all three girls decided to go on to buy a trip. Because it was a very last minute and they were not prepared for anything they had to stop by a gas station so that they could put gas in their car so that they can head on to their destination when they headed to their destination, they stopped at a gas station. And that gas station was the girl that we had previously discussed earlier before but now she had run away with the money that she had taken from the drug cartel. She saw the three girls gone off and heard them talking about that they were heading to the same destination where she wanted to go. She wanted to go to that destination because she knew that she had somebody there that I could help her in the situation that she was then. Because she did not have any money or nowhere to go I was in lots of trouble if she was sad she knew she had to get out of town quick so she decided to ask them for Some money so that she can purchase a ticket at the bus station and had on her way. The girls told her that they didn’t have any money and not to bother them. Can you let the relying because she saw that they were rich, and they had money to buy stuff so rather than asking for money she quickly followed the girls and hopped into the car with them? The girls were surprised that she had just hopped into the car just like that and ask her kindly if she could please get off the car. The girl told the girls that she was not going off of the car and then she took a gun out of her backpack and pointed it at Vera. Vera was scared and shaking and also crying and begged her to please not to kill her. She poured out in tears and told her that they had just plan to spontaneous last minute trip out of nowhere because their friend Real Steel was going through a lot of stuff and they needed this trip so that they can get away. They did not want any trouble and Marcella told them that she did not want any trouble either that she just wanted them to sugar land chiropractors take her to her destination and then she would be on her way. And so, the girls did not have any other choice than to take Marcella to the destination that they were going to also. As they were driving along Marcella decided to ask Rocio if she could borrow her phone. She borrowed her phone because she was scared that if she didn’t let her borrow it she was going to point the gun at her also so without wanting any problems she let her borrow the phone. I saw it ended up calling her boyfriend Robert and telling her what she had done to the drug cartel. Robert was serious and Marcella to come home but she told him that she was not going to. She knew the dangers that she was running and instead she was going to go out and look for help. She told Robert to please look out after her little brother and to not get him involved in any of the stuff that they were doing. All three girls listened as to what Marcella was telling Robert over the phone and we’re curious I wanted to learn more about her and what she was involved in but when they asked her Marcella told them it was none of their concern and it was the end of discussion. The rest of the car ride was crying sugar land chiropractors and the girls were mostly big green with them themselves back and forth but Marcella just stayed quietly listening to all of them argue. Marcella ended up realizing that this was going to be a much longer Drive than what she had anticipated but she had no other choice than to listen to use a wealthy girls complain about their privileged life.