Knee pain, you may not have experienced it yet but if you have you know it can be very painful sometimes. That is the circle of life though there are times where people will experience Top Sugar Land Chiropractors pain and irritation in the knee and others do not. Why does this happen? It can happen due to a number of things actually. But do not worry because you do not have to deal with it forever. There are fixes for these issues. Letís talk about the knee and what is all in that area. So, the knee joint is made up of the femur which you should know from elementary, but it is okay if you do not remember what that is.

It is the thigh bone by the way. Not on the femur but the patella as well which is your knee cap. So, listen there is cartilage that are at the ends of the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors femur and the tibia. The tibia is the shin bone. The reason there is cartilage in that area is so the bones can move smoothly. Imagine if you have calluses on your hands and you are not moisturizing so when you rub your hands together it is rough. Think of it like that if your femur and tibia did not have cartilage at the ends of them. It would be scrapping against each other, and they will have difficulty moving.

There are also 2 discs of cartilage that are at the medial and lateral aspect of your knee. This helps stabilize the movement of the knee joint and is like cushion and shock absorption. You also have four main ligaments that actually attach the femur and tibia. Tendons are also present. There is this liquid that is produced due to the result of having proper Top Sugar Land Chiropractors motion in the joint. That fluid is called synovial fluid. The fluid also helps the cartilage by reducing friction and having that smooth motion it is supposed to have. When I say irritation in the knee you may feel stiffness, feel like it is weak, popping noises with movement or not being able to straighten the leg fully.

You may be also experiencing ligament injures which are more common in people who do sports or have an active lifestyle. It can also be that you had no major traumas to the knee, but years of wear and tear does come into effect here. The wear and tear add up enough that the joints will start to become fixated or decrease on its range of motion. Depending on the situation it can either cause pain or irritation to the knee. Luckily chiropractic care can help with the knee pain and irritation you are having.

Receiving a chiropractic manipulation can help because manipulation of the knee can restore range of motion. If you are experiencing this pain or currently have trouble with your knee, give Top Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health in Sugar Land a call to help your situation. You do not want the pain and we do not like seeing people in pain so call today to book your appointment.