Thank you for joining us again this evening for our nightly podcast. I perform these podcasts in the hops that you can be educated and informed on these topics so should a time arise you can make a better informed decision regarding your health. I am doctor Harrison Campbell of Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. Previously we discussed spinal anatomy and broke down the cervical thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine. Tonight we will be discussing selecting an attorney for your car accident to ensure you are properly covered.

We have previously covered car accident and the steps you should take when you have been involved in this unfortunate situation. Most sugar land chiropractors understand the value of having proper representation when faced with this situation. This however raises the question for the patient one what is the right representation? What makes an attorney good and what makes an attorney not so good.

Well tonight’s podcast will provide an over view of this and hopefully provide much needed information in order to help you in your decision process. Prior to creating Restoration Health I worked for a couple different doctors involved in the personal injury field of chiropractic care. Both of these clinics were led by sugar land chiropractors but each had their own philosophy on this topic. The first place I worked at worked with a majority of their patients having the same attorney.

In this system the attorney referred the patients to this particular clinic. Now this limits the exposure the doctor at this clinic has to the types of attorneys out there. The second clinic I worked at dealt with a few different attorneys but again the attorney usually refer patients to the clinic. This experience allowed me to see how different attorneys operate and the pros and cons of having representation with them.

This brings me to the most important quality when selecting an attorney to represent you. Now whether this is a car accident or a different legal matter all together the tip stays number one. Communication is the most vital factor when a patient chooses an attorney. Whether you are trying to reach the attorney, your doctor is trying to reach your attorney, or the attorney is reaching out the lines of communication need to be clear. At Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office a clear line of communication is a must. Without clears lines of communication your treatment does not move as quickly as it needs to. There can be delays in care if the attorney is not communicating with the facilities which requesting documentation. It has been said that communication makes the world go around. It works the same in these scenarios.

The second qualifying factor for a good attorney for your car accident is the attorney’s specialty. For sugar land chiropractors nothing is more frustrating than having an attorney who does not specialize in car accident to be representing a patient. This is not a slight to the attorneys them selves. There are many field of law in which an attorney can work. These range of legal matters on property to family disputes, to car accident or personal injury.

An attorney who is not versed in car accidents can make missteps or not pursue something which should have been pursued simply because they do not know. There are times where a great attorney in a particular field believes they are prepared to handle a car accident when they are not. Just like you would not go to a doctor who specializes in ankles to have a shoulder surgery do not go to an attorney who specializes in family law and expect the best possible legal advice on a car accident.

A third are to consider for when selecting an attorney is the location of said attorney. Now I know this sounds a little strange but having an attorney which is close at hand becomes important. For patients seeking an sugar land chiropractors for their car accident having an attorney in the Houston or Sugar Land area would be a good thing to prioritize. There are attorneys from Dallas or Austin which specialize in the area of personal injury and they can represent patients who are seeking care in the Sugar Land area.

This becomes a problem because the attorney or the legal aid in charge of the case is not familiar with the area in which you are seeking care. They may be slow to respond requests from facilities providing your care because they are unaware of the facility. They may recommend a facility to you in which they have no personal knowledge of and this facility may not be the best facility for you to receive care. I know of a case where an out of town attorney was trying to have a patient go to a facility in which the attorney thought it was a pain management facility, but it was a physical therapy facility. This particular patient was already attending physical therapy at a sugar land chiropractors office. As you can see this would create an issue as the patient would be attending two different facilities for the same care. Not a good place to be in for a legal case.

I do hope these tips will help you should you be searching for an attorney to utilize. I know we spoke often in terms of attorneys for a car accident case but these tips can be applied to any attorney no matter the area of expertise. When searching for an attorney remember: communication, specialization, and location. Thank you for joining us this evening for another great podcast. I hope you enjoyed this discussion on selected an attorney when in a car accident. Should you have more questions on this or simply require the services of sugar land chiropractors please call Restoration health today to get an appointment scheduled. Thank you once again for joining us and I hope to see you at our next podcast. Have a good night.