Chiropractic treatment may require a series of visits, but most people attain maximum improvement in 10 – 12 visits. Many health insurance policies will cover chiropractic care, but they may limit the number of visits per year. It is important to check with your insurance provider to understand how much the policy covers and how many visits you are allowed each year. During your first visit, the chiropractor here at Sugar Land Chiropractors will ask you questions related to your health history. It is imperative to be honest with your chiropractor and to fully disclose your medical history.

Next, your chiropractor with do a physical examination. The doctor will pay close attention to your spine. Also, your chiropractor may during the process of visits elect to have you get x-rays or an MRI. This will provide a picture of your body so the doctor can give you the best care possible. X-rays or an MRI can show the doctor if you have herniated discs amount other things. The doctor here at Sugar Land Chiropractors utilized this technology with most of his patients. This enables the doctor to provide his patients with a treatment plan that is specialized just for that patient. Each patient is different, and each treatment plan must be designed for each patient. It is not a good idea for each patient to have the same treatment plan. This could lead to harm to some patients. Therefore, you should be confident in your doctor and understand that your chiropractor will design the best treatment plan possible for you.

A chiropractic adjustment is a procedure in which train specialists such as those here at Sugar Land Chiropractors. This is a procedure where the chiropractor uses either his hands or specialized instrument to apply a controlled and sudden force to a spinal joint. This procedure is known as a spinal manipulation. The purpose of this procedure is to improve spinal motion which in turn will improve a person’s physical function. Most times spinal manipulation is done when a patient has neck pain, low back pain or headaches.

Adjustments made by a trained specialist are safe. That is why here at Sugar Land Chiropractors we have the best possible chiropractors possible. Serious complications are rarely associated with manual manipulations when done by a trained chiropractor. However, there are rare instances where complication do arise. Some of the complications that can arise are a herniated disk or the increased worsening of an existing herniated disk, sometimes after neck manipulations a person can experience a vertebral artery dissection which is a type of stoke, also there is a slight possibility of compression of nerves in the lower spinal column which is known as cauda equina syndrome. However, keep in mind that with a highly trained chiropractor like the ones here at Sugar Land Chiropractors the possibly of complications is very unlikely.

A person should not seek chiropractic care or an adjustment if they have any of the following conditions: cancer of the spine, severe osteoporosis, a known bone abnormality in the upper neck, numbness, tingling or loss of strength in an arm or leg, or if they have an increased risk for a stroke.

Chiropractic care provides many benefits ranging from the relief of pain to an overall healthier person. Regular chiropractic care, such as one will receive at Sugar Land Chiropractors, can improve your immune system, digestive system, improve circulation, increase energy and provide many more improvements to the body. While some people feel immediate relief from pain, others may experience and adjustment period if new to chiropractic care. Also, a little-known side effect of chiropractic care is that some people experience a toxic release after their treatment.

So, you want to know what toxic release is. This is when a chiropractor does an adjustment on a patient and the toxins that have been locked in your body are released into your system. All though it appears this would be a bad thing; however, it is in fact a very good thing. The release of toxin can change how you feel, and you might even feel a little bit like you have a cold or the flu. Some other symptoms of toxic release can include fatigue, fever, night sweats, headaches, dizziness, tight muscles, diarrhea and nausea. It is imperative to be aware of these symptoms should they arise.

When a patient does experience toxic release, Sugar Land Chiropractors recommend that the patient remains hydrated. The patient should drink plenty of water to offset the toxic release. Also, it is important that a patient get plenty of rest during this time; especially after an adjustment. If a patient does experience symptoms of toxic release, then rest for the next few days can help alleviate these symptoms. It is also recommended by Sugar Land Chiropractors that a patient should exercise regularly. Even though the patient might feel tired or have pain a chiropractor can recommend stretches and exercises that will aid a patient in healing. The other thing that is recommended should a patient experience toxic release is to eat healthy. Proper nutrition can aid in the process of healing. Avoiding processed foods and choosing meals high in fruit and vegetables.

Not all patients experience the symptoms. So now you wonder why the toxins release into your body. The answer is quite simple. As manipulations are made in the joints and spine, often there can be a negative reaction which would be the release of toxins. Chiropractic adjustments can clear out negative subluxation and interferences within the spine. As you receive more treatments your body can become use to having the toxins released into your system. One must realize that toxic release is often just part of the treatment process.
Not all patients experience toxic release. Only about 15-20% of all patients experience toxic release at some level.

If as a patient, you should experience toxic release do not be discouraged. As you continue your chiropractic career then the toxic release will become more and more less likely to occur. Due to regular chiropractic care there will be few toxins left in the body.