Thank you for joining me again this evening. Iím Dr. Harrison Campbell primary chiropractor and Restoration Health in Premier sugar land chiropractors office. I perform these nightly podcast in the hopes that youíll be able to further your own education and apply these tips and tricks to better your health and your life. And tonightís podcast we will be discussing water.
Now first glance discussion on water some pretty basic but weíll be diving into how the body utilizes water and the effects of having too much or too little water. As sugar land chiropractors no water is an Intercal part of our daily life. Most people know of a comment saying that we are seventy percent water. What this means is that each of our tissues contain a certain amount of water but that is really just glancing the surface of the issue.

What people really mean when they say that tissues contain water is the cells which make up the tissues contain water and the space between the cells contains water. The reason I made a distinction is because the fluid or water in between cells is called interstitial fluid. This interstitial fluid holds importance in our daily lives because this is the space that has excess water when we are suffering from inflammation. If any of you listening Iíve ever had a friend or family member who is head heart car Cardiac problems or circulation problems they had swelling in her feet or ankles. What this is actually meaning is they have excess interstitial fluid building up in his body areas resulting in that swelling.

Now sugar land chiropractors understand how you get this build up of excess interstitial fluid but in my description to you we will cover just the basics. It is important to know that the fluid in our body transport is either done through the vascular system meaning blood vessels or the lymph Fattic system which many of you have heard of lymph nodes before. If we have poor circulation which typically is the result of a problem in the heart not functioning or beating properly you get a back up of blood pressure. This back up a blood pressure forces fluid out of the blood vessels into either the cells or the interstitial space. The cells will take in as much as they can but the rest is left to linger in the interstitial space thereby increasing the overall fluid amount.

Now this excess fluid has implications for the body but we will not be discussing those particular implications today or tonight I should say as we are discussing water in general not cardiac arrest and Adema due to poor circulation. We briefly mentioned cells in taking water and we will dive into that right now.
If you ask sugar land chiropractors about house how sells cells intake water they will most likely use the term osmosis. What this means is water flows down a gradient to equalize the solute concentration. Solutes in this case are ions molecules contents would alter the saturation levels in the fluid. In a previous account podcast we discussed salt draw Drawing water with it and that is in reference to this osmosis gradient and water wanting to equalize the solute content.

Cells will imbibe water meaning drawl in water based on this osmosis gradient. As you can imagine water has a mass in this volume and a cell is a contained unit. Think of a balloon or more specifically a water balloon. As you put water into the balloon it swells as he let water out of the balloon it shrinks and travels. Cells which have a lot of water swell in what is known as hyper tonic. Cells which lose water and shrivel are called hype oh tonic. While it first cells swelling or shrinking does not sound significant sugar land chiropractors understand the importance of a cell having proper saturation levels of water.
Some of you may remember about a decade ago a fraternity and a college which will not be named had a hazing event for freshman members where they were forced to drink a gallon of water in sixty seconds. In a tragic accident one of these new members passed away due to this hazing. The reason for this was swelling of the brain due to this large quantity of water which was consumed very rapidly. What happened was with this unnamed individual consuming this large quantity of water the cells a tip attempted to equalize the solute gradient. While swelling in the ankles or the hands or other body areas can be detrimental to quality-of-life and also hinted at other health problems the one area of the body which cannot tolerate swelling is the brain. As this brain tissue is contained within the school thereís nowhere for these tissues to swell in those injury occurs.

This is about one tragic example of why consuming the appropriate amount of water in a given timeframe is of most importance. There are many different schools of thought on the proper amount of water to consume what is of most importance to always confer with a healthcare professional for making drastic taint changes. Should you have questions on this please contact Sugar land chiropractors and if you contact Restoration Health we can get you an appointment scheduled today so that way we may discuss this and get you on the right path.

A good way to judge if you have proper hydration is the color of your urine. There should always be a light yellow tint to the urine due to the kidneys excreting urea properly. However the darker the shade of yellow that is observed indicates a decreasing water content in the urine. What this means for Sugar land chiropractors is if a patient comes in with dark yellow or amber colored urine they are not consuming enough water on a daily basis and their body is absorbing or retaining as much water as possible before they urinate.

Thank you for joining me again this evening. I do hope you found tonightís discussion of water educational and in lightning. As always should you or someone you know require the services of Sugar land chiropractors please call Restoration Health today so that we may schedule you an appointment. Thank you once again for joining us I hope to see you tomorrow evening for a next podcast have a good night.