As we had discussed in the previous article about reasons why your back may start to hurt there is more that we will add onto today. There are lots of reasons why your back could start hurting and ways to prevent your back from hurting. Back pain is one of the most common pains someone experiences at some point in their life. It is important to visit your Sugar Land Chiropractors office to help reduce or alleviate the pain. Causes of back pain can come in many different forms or ways. Visiting Sugar Land Chiropractors can help you find better solutions to work with you and come up with a treatment plan to help with these back pains. Some back pains can be much more worse than others. Today we will be discussing the other different causes of back pains.

A break to your spine can be a major issue as to why your back may break. This is also known as a vertebral fracture. You can also have a spine fracture and it can cause back pain. You can break your spine by getting a hit on the back or falling down. Osteoporosis can also cause back in the back. This is a condition that weakens your bones. Your Sugar Land Chiropractors office can help you with all these problems. Sprains and strains can also cause back pains. Sprains and Strains are injuries to muscles and ligaments.

These tendons support the spine and when it’s jointed are bad and then start to cause back pain. Spasms also cause a form of back pain. You usually get these when muscles and tendons from your lower back are torn. This is a common occurrence when you are playing sports or lifting heavy objects. Visiting a Sugar Land Chiropractors can help you resolve this pain. Back pain can also be affected by the different lifestyles you may have. You do not know but may of the things you do or do not do on a daily everyday bases affect your back causing it to feel pain. Slouching at your desk can cause lots of back pain. Especially if you have a desk job and you are sitting most of the day you do not tend ton realize that you being to slouch while working and this slouching can cause serious back pain.

It is important to sit up straight and if possible you can purchase lumbar support that goes on your chair to help keep your posture well maintained. Lifting heavy objects can also cause serious back pain. If you work at a job that requires you to do a lot of heavy lifting this can affect you in the long run. It also very important that when doing heavy lifting you must lift properly because if you lift something heavy incorrect you can pull something. Also if possible you can always wear a back brace to help with the back pain when lifting heavy objects. You can purchase a back brace at any store or Sugar Land Chiropractors office. If you are overweight this can also cause back pain.

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The excess that is carried by an obese person puts extra pressure to the sprain and spine making it an increased chance of injury. People who are obese usually experience more pain in the lumbar (back region. This is typical because there is excess weight in the mid-region where the pelvis is pulled forward staining the lower back causing it lots of pain and even sometimes medical issues. If you have extra fat in your belly you are more common to experience side effects. The core is the center of gravity and will cause shift if you have extra weight.

This shift will pull your body forward and may even strain your back. This shift may also cause your body to hold an unnatural posture that in return can cause lots of back pain and sometimes even in the future cause back issues. If you do not exercise on a regular basis this can also result in back pain. That is why it is important to exercise and do stretches on a regular basis to help alleviate pain. At Sugar Land Chiropractors they can help go over some of these exercises and stretches with you to help reduce back pain. Did you know that wearing high heels can also cause back pain? Wearing high heels is never recommended to wear all day or so high because this can cause some back issues.

This is because when wearing high heels all your body weight is moved forward. The higher your heel is the more pressure you have on your forward foot. This causing incorrect posture causing extra stress on your discs. Without proper alignment all day this can lead to muscle spasms and back pain. It can also tighten your hamstring muscles that attach to the back of your pelvis and lower back causing your back to ache more. Wearing high heels can not also cause back pain but as well as anatomical changes as well. If you wear high heels on a regular basis or daily it can cause an extra strain on your back and knees and shorten the calf muscles as well as make your tendons tighter and thicker. Not only do all these daily activities cause back pain but emotions also take a toll on back pain as well. The power of feelings is strong so do not underestimate them.

Stress is a very common among the nation and stress can lead to muscle tension causing back pain. If you suffer from depression and anxiety it will only make the pain even worse. That is why it is important to speak to your doctor if you are feeling any of these symptoms. At Sugar Land Chiropractors they will be able to go over and discuss all these issues and offer a solution to make you feel better. Get with Dr. Harrison Campbell and Restoration Health today by going to and filling out the form on the Contact Us page to get started.