Proper body alignment is important when trying to achieve proper sleep at night. When visiting Sugar Land Chiropractors, we provide our patients with the best chiropractic care. It does not matter what sleeping position you are in it is always important to make sure that when you are sleeping that your shoulders, ears, and hips are aligned. Like the previous article, in this article, we will continue to go over proper sleeping positions and body alignments when trying to achieve a good night’s sleep. If you sleep on your side with your legs and torso relatively straight this can help the spine to remain elongated. With this being said it can ward off the pain in the back and spine. Another positive factor about sleeping on your side means that you are less likely to snore in this position because it will keep your airways open. Sleeping on your side is the best choice of those with sleep apnea too sleep in. There is only one downside to sleeping on your side and that is that it can lead to wrinkles. This is because half of your face is being pushed against a pillow. If you sleep on your spine using a firm pillow between the knees can help prevent the upper leg from pulling the spine out of alignment.

Sleeping on your spine can also reduce stress on your hips and lower back by bringing your knees just slightly towards your chest area. More than half of fifty percent of the population choose to sleep in a fetal position. Please visit your local Sugar Land Chiropractors office for all your chiropractic needs. This a good position to sleep in when you are pregnant because it improves the circulation in your body as well as the fetus. Sleeping a fetal position can also help snorers however it can restrict breathing in the diaphragm being a tight fetal position. This can cause you to feel a bit sore in the morning especially if you suffer with arthritis in your back and joints. You can prevent these problems by straightening out your body as much as you can. Rather then tucking your chin into your chest and having your knees pulled up high. Placing a pillow between your knees can reduce strain on your hips. Our patients are the number one priority at Sugar Land Chiropractors and we make sure to answer all your questions. The most important thing to remember when changing positions in bed is to try not to twist or bend at the waist.

Instead try to shift your entire body. Make sure to also keep your stomach pulled in and tightened and keep knees bent toward the chest whenever you are rolling over. However, we at Sugar Land chiropractors understand this may be tough to remember since when we move, we are in a slumber state or fast asleep. If you have tried every sleep position, there is, and you still cannot achieve a well night’s rest or are experiencing sleep-related pain then Sugar Land Chiropractors can help. We will now go over how Sugar Land Chiropractors can help with sleeping problems. We all know that sleep is a basic human need that we all need and without it our health ailments start to make our life havoc, and this can be very stressful. There have been several studies throughout the years, and they all seem to have come up with the same results.
According to studies done in the past most people sleepless then six hours and about three-quarters of people experience some kind of sleep difficulty when trying to achieve a good night’s sleep more then two times a week. Having insomnia may not be much to worry about but did you know insomnia can lead to chronic sleep loss. This can cause a weaken immune system which can then lead to a very serious issue. Here are some looks at some of the risk that can affect our health if we do not sleep well. One of the risks of not getting a good night’s rest is a safety reasons. When you do not have enough rest you and then you go to work you are more at risk at having a work-related injury or even causing a road accident. It is not recommended to drive sleepy because without even realizing it you can fall asleep behind the wheel and put yourself and other in danger. When you are sleepy you are not so focused at work or on the road and are not fully aware of what you are doing. It also imports not to operate heavy equipment as well.

Without proper rest at night a person can start to feel very irritable or impatient. This will make the person moodier then usual and anything can set them off. When you are sleep you are also unable to concentrate on tasks and it will become more of a challenge depending on the negative emotional state. This will make it hard to focus at work or school because you will be too busy yawning thinking about sleep. Those who have careers that require learning part of the day and students will be even more tired due to lack of sleep and that will then cause you to struggle and focus or get any work done. The doctor at Sugar Land Chiropractors always promotes good sleeping habits to all his patients. High risk of hypertension, irregular heartbeat and increased stress hormones are some of the risk with those who have serious sleep disorders. These cardiovascular health diseases are not good and could possibly be dangerous. The less sleep one gets the more weakened your immune system becomes therefore making a patient more vulnerable to developing diseases .Weight gain can also develop with chronic sleep deprivation because the body’s ability to process and store carbohydrates can alter causing one to gain weight. Regardless of what sleeping issuing you maybe experiencing Sugar Land Chiropractors can help you achieve a plan to getting proper sleep at night.