What are exercise balls used for? Why is it that Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractic offices carry them in their offices? Are they used on every patient? I will try to explain most questions that are frequently asked and also give out information on the exercise ball and if it helpful. The medicine ball is a exercise treatment for people who are suffering from back pain. So, using the ball helps from any other episodes of the back from occurring or lessens the pain. But the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors exercise ball can be used for multiple things which I will list out for you.

Also, I will try to get more in depth with the list I am about to provide so you can get a better understanding. If you have lower back pain using the exercise ball will help improve in the following things. One is learning the proper posture. Having proper posture is important because it plays a big role when it comes to back pain because it can be the reason why you have that back pain. Having good posture helps you have better spine health. Which will reduce the lower back, neck and shoulder pain you are experiencing. You will feel better not only about yourself, but your mood will be better, and you will see the increase of your energy is.

You will want to do more things with a good posture because you are not feeling any pain, so you feel like you are on top Top Sugar Land Chiropractors of the world right now. And you will feel like you do not have to worry about anything. Having good posture actually helps your digestion as well. How is that possible? But, when you do not have good posture, you catch yourself slouching which is an unnatural position, and it affects your abdominal organs. Which may cause you to have acid reflexes, constipation, and heartburn. Believe it or not but using the exercise ball will actually increase the strength in your abdominal and back muscle.

So, you will basically be doing a back bend just over the exercise ball. The ball will be between you and the floor. When you are doing the back bend, it is putting stress on the abdominal and back muscles. These muscles are what help you to stand straight, and they support your body as you move. The back bend on the exercise ball is also helping with soreness in the muscle. Rolling the exercise ball against your back while in the back bend is massaging your back which may help relieve the pain or soreness in your back.

By applying pressure against the exercise ball is constricting the muscle as you stretch. Which helps because you can release knots as the muscle begins to elongate. If you are starting yoga this exercise helps as well because it helps with balance. In addition, it also helps with flexibility along the back. When stretching on the exercise ball it maintains a good center of gravity as you stretch on the exercise ball. Go to www.restorationhealthtx.com or call 281-344-2034.

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Doing this often will help with all the balance poses you have to do with doing Top Sugar Land Chiropractors yoga. The one I find the most interesting is that using the exercise ball helps with lifting weights. For those who work out like I do myself I lift often, and I am interested on how an exercise ball will help with lifting.

So, instead of using a bend when using weights try using the exercise ball. When you use the exercise ball it helps challenge yourself by balancing on the ball while you are doing these exercises. When Top Sugar Land Chiropractors training with chest press work outs the exercise ball is helping you improve strength and work stability. Having a surface that is unstable fires more muscles on the upper body because it is helping you find that balance.

The benefits of using the exercise ball when dealing with weights is not only the balance but the strength. It helps you get strength because of the intensity of having to balance yourself on the exercise ball but you are also focusing on the weights so basically you are multitasking. Which a lot of people find hard to do which is why it makes it challenging. It also allows you to work muscles that you could not work out on standard exercises because there is no demand for balance in those exercises. Chiropractors using the exercise ball on a patient who has lower back pain and if they are okay with doing exercises.

There are different ways to use the exercise ball so I will give some examples on how a Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractor will use the exercise ball with at patient needing to do physical therapy. One exercise you can do is by putting the ball against you and the wall. Place the ball against the small of the back. Your hands can be on your hips or just straight down your side and now squat down without leaning against the ball. Repeat five times or if you want to challenge yourself do it until your body can not physically do it anymore. If you are new to doing this do not over, do it even if you think it is helping you. You have to make sure you do whatever the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractor is recommending you do. It may seem a little bit now but as you improve the chiropractor will then increase the amount.

Also, to challenge you if he thinks you can do more even though he is only requiring a certain number of times you do it. Here at Top Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health, we do carry exercise balls because we like to give our patients the option to purchase one here in office. So, if you are one of our patients and you are wondering if we have any in the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors office. Just ask our front desk and we will provide you with the exercise ball if you are wanting to purchase it. The amount we sale our exercise balls is $35.00. You can pay cash or card so swing by to get your exercise ball today. Go to www.restorationhealthtx.com or call 281-344-2034.