Good afternoon thank you for joining us again for these nightly podcast. It is my hope in doing this podcast that you can further your knowledge and education on the specific topics. I myself am Dr. Harrison Campbell of Restoration Health at premier†Sugar land chiropractors†office. Should you or someone you know require the services I have a chiropractor please do not hesitate to call Restoration Health to get an appointment set up today so that way you can get feeling better as quickly as possible. Enterprise podcast we will be discussing pain.
Most everybody who is listening to this podcast will experience pain at some point in their life. Paying for most people is viewed as an inconvenience and itís something that is preventing them from doing a hobby and activity or meeting a deadline. To†Sugar land chiropractors†pain is a warning sign that there something wrong with the body. This warning sign should not be ignored in order to prevent with it further injury and harm to the body. Pain is the last symptom to show up in an injury I know weíve discussed this before but it bears repeating itself. Perfect example for this is the same example use last time. A toothache usually comes about when someone wakes up in the morning and has pain in their mouth. They then proceed to go to a dentist where weíre off of the night the dentist discusses how and what the Cavaliers and the treatments needed to take care of the problem. The pain that that person is experiencing due to the cavity creating the toothache started that morning but the cavity itself did not start that morning. The cavity have been developing for several days or weeks prior to the pain started. The purpose for this and†Sugar land chiropractors understand is to demonstrate that pain is usually the last sign the presents with an injury.
Addition to being the last sign present and injury is also the first symptom to disappear as you were recovering from an injury. What this means is as youíre getting better the pain would disappear long before the injury has fully healed. What this means for patients however is that there is a misconception when they were actually better. Not being in pain does not make one better. Not being in pain does not make one healthy. This is why even after your pain disappears therapy typically continues.
And Restoration Health a Premier†sugar land chiropractors†office we strive to not only get patients out of pain but actually better. This means as I stated previously that therapy often continues even after pain has disappeared but the resume is still showing problems that need to be corrected in order for the patient to be healthy and healed. What this means is it therapy may last a little bit longer but the patient can take heart in knowing that when therapy concludes with her injury has healed they were staying where is long as they continue to do what is been requested of them at home your symptoms will most likely not return. In essence they can take heart in knowing they have fully recovered from whatever injury brought them in to Restoration Health a premier†sugar land chiropractors†office.
furthermore not only is pain the first symptom to disappear in the last symptom to come about in an injury and is also as we discussed previously viewed as and an inconvenience to most people. As a culture we have developed a society which wants to largely ignore pain push through it and get the job done. While not letting pain prevent you from accomplishing your goals is an admirable trait we must take care to not push past the pain to the point where we do detrimental harm to ourselves. There is an over the counter medication which is airing a commercial currently with the tag line of what pain. This simple tagline of two words what pain completely and captures a problem which mainstream society has in regards to the relationship with pain. To†Sugar land chiropractors†pain as we stated before is a warning sign. It is a sign which says hey there is a problem we need to take care of it it is not a sign we should ignore it we should match get covered up and forget about it.†Ignoring pain will cause further injury and potentially irreversible damage to whatever body structure is injured. Therefore let us not ignore pain let us not say what a pain lettuce understand that we are in pain but there is an injury and take the steps needed to heal from that injury to recover from that injury and to not make that injury worse.
Thank you for joining us again this evening. I do hope you found this podcast and informational and educational. Should you have more questions that you need answered in regards to pain please call Restoration Health at Premier Sugar land chiropractors†office today in order to have your questions answered by scheduling an appointment. This one sure then you can ask all the questions that you need and have the time with the doctor to ask them. If you know someone who is in pain and requires help have them schedule an appointment and we will be happy to assist them on the road to recovery. Letís not spend anymore time in pain then we have to. Let us do what is required in order to live healthy happy lives and enjoy the activities we want to enjoy.
As always should you or someone you know require the services of a†sugar land chiropractors†office please call today in order to schedule an appointment. I hope to see you for our next nightly podcast. We will be covering worker’s compensation over the next few podcasts. Hopefully you will enjoy this information and be able to apply it to either your own life or someone you know you requires the help. Thank you and have a good night.