Good evening once again this is Dr. Harrison Campbell from Restoration Health at Premier Sugar Land Chiropractors office. Tonight we will be discussing the importance of sleep in mental and physical health so that a healthy and happy lifestyle can be obtained. Now we will not be discussing sleeping positions and such in this podcast, that will be its own separate podcast.
Sleep is not only required by the body it is very important to maintain good mental health and good physical health. As many sugar land chiropractors will tell you the proper amount of sleep is approximately eight hours. Now in that eight hours the sleep we are actually looking for the rim sleep or rapid eye movement only accounts of a fraction of this time but is the most important part of this eight hours of sleep. Rim sleep is the sleep pattern where you are actually resting both mind and body.

The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. Without adequate amount of sleep physically and emotionally you will wear down and break down. Any sugar land chiropractors you see will tell you the exact same thing in regards to the importance of sleep.
Approximately eight hours of sleep is required each night in order to be physically and emotionally rested. It is during sleep at the brain convert short term memories throughout the day into long-term memories and allows the body to physically recover from the micro-injuries whichever occurred throughout the day. Without these eight hours, the body does not have the time to recuperate and recover from the micro traumas it undergoes throughout a given day.
This physical recovery is generally understood but the mechanics behind it are often vastly overlooked. Whether youíve hit the gym the day before performed Harvey played a sport or simply going to work injuries occur quite regularly. Whether this is micro tears and muscle fibers strain on ligaments joint irritation and And impact on the joints these micro traumas occur more often than you think and then the more regular interval than you think. Getting a good nights rest allows the body to fix to heal these micro traumas. Without a good nights rest overtime these micro traumas will become cumulative and sees being micro traumas and become major traumas.

Now should a major trauma occurred please give Restoration Health a Premier sugar land chiropractors office a call so that way we may get you back on track to a healthy happy life style. But that being said getting a good nights sleep to overcome these micro traumas should be a priority. That way youíre at peak physical condition for your next marathon your next sporting event the next time you hit the gym or even just playing with your kids on the weekend. Itís always best to plan in advance and planning in this case is getting hopefully eight hours of sleep each night to overcome these micro traumas.
As for mental health itís just like the body needs rest recuperate and the mind needs rest to recuperate as well. Most people underestimate the amount of strain and stress the brain and the mind is placed under during a typical day. It is the job of Sugar land chiropractors to educate these people on the importance of sleeping in regards to mental health. To give a brief overview of everything the brain and mind deal with it in a typical day letís list some of the things and then it does on a constant basis. Aside from the conscious aspect which is what youíre focusing on whether treating a business meeting something in the more artistic or talents like painting there is the subconscious mind which is working behind the scenes. This includes monitoring the joints through proprioception monitoring pain levels to make sure none of the tissue is being pushed beyond itís acceptable limits. There is also a homeostasis such as temperature blood pressure and many others. There is even simple basic aspects to living such as breathing heart rate and many other.

Now if you were going to a sugar land chiropractors office on a regular basis some of this will be known to you. However if you are unaware of these things hopefully this podcast will educate you on the importance of sleeping so that way you can have a healthier happier life style.
Now that we have discussed the importance of sleep letís discuss some of the negative mental aspects which can occur if you were not getting enough sleep. Problems with memory can occur as sleeping transfers short term memories into long-term memories and re-fortifies those connections in the brain. And help you destress from the day and keep positive mental aspects. Since depression is a big topic these days having adequate wanted to sleep can help with some of the aspects of depression. That way you get any sleep will keep you in a more positive less depressed mindset in some individuals. These topics and many more await you and Restoration Health at Premier sugar land chiropractors office. Therefore schedule an appointment today so that way you can maintain good habits healthy habits which will provide healthy habits which will provide a better quality of life. And life without quality of life is not fun for anyone. No one want to be eighty years old and unable to enjoy being eighty years old.

Therefore lets take care of ourselves when it counts so we can enjoy our life in the later years.
Thank you for joining me again this evening. I do hope you found this topic educational and you were able to implement these tips into your every day life. Should you or someone you know be in the need of services from Sugar land chiropractors do not hesitate to contact Restoration Health to set up your appointment today. This way we can get you on the path to better health and a better quality of life as quickly as possible. Thank you wants again and have a good evening.