Your hand you use them to work every day. Baking, working with wood, painting, typing and any other jobs that involves you using them. Honestly you may not be getting a workout in, but your hands are definitely getting a workout in. You love what you do but did you know injuries can happen to the tendons in your hands. It can get serious sometimes and cam make you immobilize and can affect you from working. Scary right because I did not know that until I read an Top Sugar Land Chirorpactors article about it. You will tend to lose that movement when those tendons are damaged.

People do suffer from different things depending on which tendons were ruptured. You will know when a tendon is ruptured because you cannot straighten your fingers, or you can have trouble making a fist. I am going to talk about some causes of tendon damage. First one is arthritis. Your tendons may get inflamed or swollen. For example, my dad has rheumatoid arthritis, and it affects his knees more than his hands but at times it does occur where his hands get swollen too. But from that swelling it cause his tendons to rupture. In another situation will injuries like from a fall or motor accident.

It is least likely to happen, but it can where you hand may be crushed or there are cuts on the palm of the hand. This is also how Top Sugar Land Chiropractors tendons can be damaged. There are cases where tendon damages happen to the hands due to overusing them. So, if you ever feel you cannot physically move your thumb or finger and it just feels stuck then there is a chance you are experiencing trigger finger. You may or may not see a bump forming in your palm close to the finger that is being affected. You may also hear a clicking and snapping when you try to move it.

What is happening when you have trigger finger is the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors flexor tendon and the sheath that is around it is currently swollen. This means that that tendon cannot glide smoothly like it is supposed to. You may ask well what is some good treatment that you can do. Of course, one is going to want treatment when they are being restricted from things, they cannot do that they do daily. You can start by visiting a chiropractor. Did she just say a chiropractor? Yes, I sure did. A chiropractor will definitely suggest for you to rest the affected hand as much as you can.

They may recommend that you apply cold compresses to the area. Chiropractors have the understanding of the nature of the joints, muscles and tendons. If you think it is sketchy or sounds too good to be true, then call a chiropractor office. Just to throw it out their Top Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health is an excellent and professional office. But ask as many questions as you need to if it is necessary for you to feel more comfortable.