Good evening this is Dr. Harrison Campbell thanks for joining for another podcast. Tonight will be talking about stretching the benefits that you can get from doing this simple activity or exercise in a daily fashion. For Sugar land chiropractors stretching is one of the simplest activities one can do to impact your overall health promote a healthy lifestyle increase longevity and feel better throughout the day.† The first thing we want to do is educate people to not feel like stretching is a chore but an activity that they can do that will help them in their hobbies and those fun activities that they want to do. If done properly in an efficient routine stretching can be done as a little as five minutes for a basic routine.

At its core stretching simply involves elongating muscles to give them a longer resting links thereby increasing mobility and flexibility. It is important to note that stretching is not a painful exercise there is no pain sharp discomfort or anything of that nature when performing this exercise. Most people understand the basics of stretching but as Sugar land chiropractors there are specific stretches that one can do for as little as 5 to 10 minutes twice a day morning and evening they can greatly improve their quality of life. The most common muscles which are tight and require stretching based on the American lifestyle are those in the legs.

The hamstring muscles the quadricep muscles are the two main muscle groups in the legs which suffer tightening due to the sedentary lifestyle as well as the sedentary jobs most Americans have. For myself, one of a few Sugar land chiropractors Stretching both the hamstrings and quadriceps greatly improves peoples overall feeling of health theyíre low back health and their general mobility.
It is important to note that tight hamstrings is one of the leading causes of back pain specifically low back pain and furthermore low back pain is the number one health complaint of Americans. The simple act of stretching to hamstrings combined with adjustments at one of the best Sugar land chiropractors myself can greatly improve your quality of life decrease muscle tension and increase your mobility.† The hamstrings are the muscles that run down the back of the leg in due to this the sedentary nature of most jobs these muscles are shortened. For those of you who watch sports you are probably well aware of the number of pulled hamstrings and basketball and baseball. Stretching is what the athletes do to warm up before their sports and you can be stretching is something for you to do to warm up for your day as well as to unwind at the end of your day.

Take quadriceps on the other hand donít typically have signs and symptoms associated with them. However just because something doesnít produce pain doesnít mean itís not a problem. Therefore we should stretch the quadriceps even if they donít produce pain or discomfort from being tight so that way we can prevent the pain and suffering in the long run.
For Sugar land chiropractors taking five minutes each morning and five minutes before you go to bed to stretch the hamstrings via something as simple as bending over and touching your toes and stretching your quadriceps through something as simple as bringing your foot up to your glutes are your butt ox will help your legs feel more nimble help your back not feel as tight help you sleep better and improve your hobbies and your health.

The second area which needs to require her which requires stretching is the cervical or your neck. Most people commonly say that they carry their stress in their upper shoulders and neck and this is due to those tight muscles creating that waited sensation feeling like you constantly have baggage when your shoulders down. The simple act of stretching the trapezius muscle to leave it or scapula muscle and the paraspinal muscles of the neck increase mobility and decrease tension type headacheís and can improve someoneís overall mood throughout the day. For myself one of the Sugar land chiropractors I commonly have tension headaches at the back left side of my head where the occipital area when my neck muscles need to be stretched. The stretches I use are the same stretches you will learn at Restoration Health one of the best Sugar land chiropractors in the area. Again, the simple act of doing these for five minutes in the morning once you get up and five minutes before you go to bed.

By stretching these muscle you can elongate those tight muscle fibers decrease knots in the muscles and improve blood flow and decrease toxins trapped in those knots. Juice detox thing is been real big lately and this is a natural cost-efficient alternative to also flushing toxins from your body by reading of those nights. Again as when we started it is important to remember that stretching is not painful there is a discomfort associated with it and the best way to describe that is that stretching feeling you were a long gating something. To this end when we develop a stretching routine for you the most common mistake those new to stretching make is they force it to where they feel a sharp painful stretch. This is an incorrect method to stretching in one that we strive to correct so that way you can stretch safely and effectively in your own home. Remember should you have any questions in regards to stretching you can always contact our office so that we can get you an appointment scheduled that way we can show you the proper ways to stretch and create your own personally tailored Stretching routine for you.

Restoration Health, one of the best Sugar land chiropractors has staff excellently trained to create the perfectly tailored stretching routine for your busy schedule so you can get the best benefits from this activity. Thank you for joining me in this podcast this evening once again I hope youíre enjoying these educational lessons and please feel free to join me and our next one thank you have a good evening.