Thank you for joining me again this evening. I am Dr. Harrison Campbell from Restoration Health, a premier Sugar Land Chiropractors office. In tonight ís podcast we will be discussing the importance of asking questions and answering questions honestly at a doctors office.
Most Sugar land chiropractors will answer a question well if it is asked, at Restoration Health we try to always provide the why to what we are doing or asking. However when patients do not ask questions once a topic is explained it is assumed the patient has understood what was covered.

Asking questions is a sign to the doctors that your are interested it what is happening to you and what is happening with your health care. Do not be afraid to ask a question at your doctors office. More often than not you are not going to bring up a topic the doctor has never discussed before. Most doctors have heard anything you wish to discuss numerous times prior to your visit. I once had a professor tell me to always ask questions because if you have a question at least ten other people have the same question. To this effect, if you feel like something needs to be explained more clearly or you do not understand why something is done always ask questions.

I personally have had patient embarrassed to bring up a topic in the office, but rest assured the environment will always remain professional. Your doctors, especially if they are Sugar land chiropractors are there to provide the answer to your questions in a safe environment. You will it be judged based on your questions.
The opposite side of this equation is answering questions your doctor asks honestly. Denying something which is true or fabricating something which did not or is not occurring only hurt you as a patient. We as doctors base parts of our diagnosing process on reports from the patients in conjugation with our examinations. All Sugar land chiropractors will agree with me on this statement. Lying does not affect the doctors. We will report in our notes what was discussed, using false information when reporting an injury only hurts the patient.

This fabrication of fact has never happened in my office personally, but I do know stories from other Sugar land chiropractors who have had patients who clearly misrepresented facts about their injury. Typically this is done my men and usually on the topic of how an injury happened. Once again falsely misrepresenting hound Andrea Kurt only hurts the patient. If the doctor asks if you were hurt in a Traumatic experience meaning there was forced to create the injury and trauma and you say no we instantly remove potential diagnoses from our working diagnosis list. However, if you report that yes trauma did occur in a certain diagnoses are elevated to the top of the list And others are removed. This is because how injuries happen greatly affects the potential diagnoses for patient.
Perfect example of this is if someone comes in with neck pain and a headache and reports no drama typically a fracture or some other serious bone condition is moved down the list of diagnoses becoming less likely. If in this instance you report the trauma did not happen when I actually did occur in this particular injury, you are jeopardizing only yourself by misrepresenting the facts to the doctor.
Again this is usually not the case as patients understand that falsified what is happened only harms himself. Of what we were discussing today the most common problem is patients not asking enough questions. Never be afraid to ask questions as questions and sure you understand the diagnosis that youíve been provided with the treatment to help with the symptoms youíre experiencing and I hope you on the road to recovery and it relates to the doctor that you were taking this injury this diagnosis seriously.

At Restoration Health a Premier Sugar land chiropractors office I believe you can never asked to many questions about condition. In my opinion being a doctor first and foremost means being an educator teacher. As a chiropractor and one of the best sugar land chiropractors I take great pride in on only helping people overcome their injuries and decrease their pain but also in educating them through exercises through biomechanics through proper means of lifting so that way they can enjoy healthier happier lifestyles.
In my opinion when patients understand that daily stretching doing certain exercises daily lifting properly by doing these things take up void injuring them so they can have a better quality of life. This is why questions need to be asked so that they will eat that way they can understand why we do certain things to get them better so they can avoid re-injuring themselves in the future.

Trying to avoid being re-injured the primary goal of therapy. If you hurt your back, or hurt your knee, or injure your shoulder, the rehabilitation process should be educational. You should ask why certain exercises are done, why rehab is done in a particular order. This way you understand what is happening around you and learn the importance of exercises, of stretching so you can implement these exercises on your own once rehabilitation has concluded. This can help you avoid re-injury to the same body area in the future or can help you recover quicker by understanding the proper protocols to follow should an injury or re-injury occur.

Thank you for once again joining us for this podcast I hope you found it educational and you can take something away on your next doctors appointment. If you have an injury if you need the help of Sugar land chiropractors do not hesitate to contact Restoration Health so that way we can set you up an appointment today. Thank you once again for joining us and hopefully you will continue to join us for future podcast so you can continue to educate yourself on these various topics. Have a good evening good night.