Does your job involve having to sit behind a desk all day? If it is this is something that I think you will be interested Top Sugar Land Chiropractors in. When sitting for long periods of time does your back tend to start hurting. You might feel pain all over your back or maybe the top or lower part hurts, and maybe your neck as well. Since you are sitting your hip flexors are shortened. Which can cause your glutes to weaken and have Top Sugar Land Chiropractors your hamstrings overwork.

It is called anterior pelvic tilt. Anterior pelvic tilt is when the tilt of your pelvis is tilted excessively. This can cause your abs to be underused. Which this makes Top Sugar Land Chiropractors the pelvic area tilt even more. Which is why someone ís stomach looks bigger than it really is when they are sitting. With anterior pelvic tilt this is what causes for someone to have lower back pain, reciprocal inhibition, bad posture, and poor movement mechanics. Reciprocal inhibition is when one muscle on one side is relaxed because the other muscle is engaged. Poor movement mechanics is basically when you work out, do sports, walk stuff like that.

Common postures when sitting down Top Sugar Land Chiropractors that causes the pain is when you are looking down at your phone or the computer you are on. This causes your neck to be tilted so the longer it tilted or staring down I should say causes more strain on your neck and back. Which is causing Top Sugar Land Chiropractors your neck and back to do more work. Your elbows being far away from your body is another thing that can be causing your back pain. By your elbows to be far away from your torso causes more strain on your upper back and shoulder. Which is why you could be feeling the pain. It might not seem like a big of a deal but Top Sugar Land Chiropractors when you do it everyday for eight hours a day it will definitely catch up with you. Your shoulders being rolled forward will cause pain as well.

This can be from the lack of the chair being too soft or it does not help with good posture. Leaning forward from you lower back this causes you to put a lot of pressure on your lower back. Another thing is holding your phone to your ear with your shoulder. A lot of people tend to multitask so when doing this will cause tension to that one side of you neck and upper back. Doing it for a few seconds wonít imbalance anything but if you do it for longer periods of time it will. To get rid of the pain you can try Top Sugar Land Chiropractors new activities like yoga. If you are wanting to go to a professional like a chiropractor, you are more than welcomed to do that.

Some things you can consider as well is a chair that does you good for your posture or a standing desk. So, when you get tired of sitting or feel pack pain you can stand and then sit whenever you please. I would definitely try these things if not and you prefer to go to a Top Sugar Land Chiropractor chiropractor Dr. Harrison Campbell at Restoration Health is definitely a chiropractor I would recommend. Call us at 281-344-2034 or go to