If you have been to Restoration Health and you were a patient who has been in our exercise room do you wonder about what Top Sugar Land Chiropractors some of the equipment in there? Lets say that day you use a lacrosse ball because the doctor wanted you to try a new exercise. For those who do not know what a lacrosse ball is. A lacrosse ball is a small sized Top Sugar Land Chiropractors ball like the size of a tennis ball. It allows you to release and target trigger points in small sized muscles or joint pockets.

Some examples of muscle areas you can use with the lacrosse ball are your bicep area, your muscle under the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors shoulder blades, and along the spine are as well. Anyways, after doing the exercise say you loved it and wondered if you can do it at home as well because it worked really well. The answer to your question is yes! You can Top Sugar Land Chiropractors definitely do this exercise at home. Here at Restoration Health, we sale the lacrosse balls. How much do we sell them for?

Restoration Health Top Sugar Land Chiropractors sales their lacrosse balls for $7.50! If you ever walk into Restoration Health you will be able to see them on our display that we have set up in the entrance. If you do not see them on display, just ask about them! Because there is a high chance that we forgot to put out some more and have some in the back. If you see if and wonder if it will help you just ask the doctor about it. He will be glad to Top Sugar Land Chiropractors answer your question if it will benefit you if you add this exercise in!

Some may use this equipment, but they do not know what it does exactly. So, a benefit of it is that it will spread built up lactic acid and also break down those trigger points you have going on. You may ask well what Top Sugar Land Chiropractors is lactic acid. Lactic acid is a colorless acid it looks like sour milk. I know it sounds gross but that is what is produced in the muscle tissue. It is caused from difficult or heavy exercises. In general, using the lacrosse ball helps the patient learn how to properly apply pressure on that muscle when using the lacrosse ball. So, the soreness you have going on will be reduced and aid in active recovery of that muscle. Also, the fact that the lacrosse ball is rubber is a plus!

You are probably Top Sugar Land Chiropractors wondering how a ball is being rubber a plus. It is a plus because rubber does not catch or pull on the skin and even clothes! How great is that? I believe it is fantastic because I know I hate when I’m doing an exercise and I have to stop because it got caught on my shirt or something. So why not just come over to Restoration Health to purchase a lacrosse ball and have it today! Instead of having to order it online and pay for shipping and then having to wait for it to come in through the mail. Visit our website www.restorationhealthtx.com or call the number 281-344-2034.