Have you ever wondered what other type of therapy Top Sugar Land Chiropractors could help at home when you have missed a chiropractic visit? Either because an emergency happened or could not make it because of your busy work schedule. Have you heard of cold therapy? It is known to treat minor aches and your pain of the muscles and joints. For example, it can be used on backache and shoulder pain. There are other areas you may Top Sugar Land Chiropractors use them just ask your doctor to confirm.

Also, those two are the main situations people use cold therapy for. What exactly does cold therapy do, you might be asking. I’m right, right? So, it opens up blood vessels that help any swelling that is happening. It also triggers your endorphins which are natural hormones that relieves pain. Also, it helps your immune system. Yes, I know you are wondering Top Sugar Land Chiropractors how can it possibly help your immune system. You are probably asking do you even know what you are talking about. Yes, it does help your immune system by creating Top Sugar Land Chiropractors more chemicals that heal tissue. So, there is usually a cast or patch you use, but here at Restoration Health we have it.

It is called Biofreeze. It is still a safe. It is also a natural alternative for pain relief treatment. The coldness overrides the communication of pain to your brain. This method is technically working with your nervous system. Biofreeze can be a cream, gel, or a roll on. Depends on you to see Top Sugar Land Chiropractors which one you prefer and whatever makes it easiest for you to apply when feeling pain. I am going to list out some pros and cons Top Sugar Land Chiropractors and then you get to decide if this is an alternative that you think will help you at home. Lets start with the cons first so we can forget about the bad.

One con is that everyone is different nobodies pain or body Top Sugar Land Chiropractors is the same so you might not receive the same effect as someone else when using the Biofreeze. Another con is that you might not find it at nearby stores or any because it is mainly an online product. But if you come to Restoration Health, we sell it here for $16.00. Now moving on to the pros Top Sugar Land Chiropractors which is what everyone wants to know about. The first pro is that the product is prescription free. Like whom does not love that pro. The second pro is that it is specialized in offering you pain relieve. Who does not want to be relieved from pain?

The last pro I am going to add is that it is clinically recommended! I know many look for items like this because not only there is someone trying to sell you something that you think sounds too good to be true. This is definitely a method worth trying at home. At the end of the day if it does not work for you at least you were open-minded to the idea of trying something new for the pain you have. Call us at 281-344-2034 or go to www.restorationhealthtx.com.