Today we are going to talk about people that have spondylolisthesis. Well, you might be asking why are we going to talk about this disorder. We are Top Sugar Land Chiropractors going to talk about it because these specific people cannot receive an adjustment when going to a chiropractor. Later on in this reading I will talk about why they cannot. But first this first I am going to explain what spondylolisthesis is. Spondylolisthesis is a disorder where the vertebrae slips out of place into the vertebrae below it.

Which causes lower back pain. What causes this to happen? This can actually be a birth defect, ran down from family history, and can be cause by an injury. It occurs in about 4% – 6% in the adult population. They might have already been having it for years and Top Sugar Land Chiropractors not know because some people with this condition may not get symptoms. There are usually no symptoms for spondylolisthesis which causes for people not to know they have this condition. If you do get symptoms, you will usually have lower back pain.

This symptom is typically the main one people get. The pain may sometimes go into the gluteus and down the thigh area. These next symptoms are least likely to happen but, muscle spasms in the back of your thigh may occur. Another one is back stiffness and when it comes to Top Sugar Land Chiropractors walking or standing for a long time you may find it very difficult to do that. If you have kids or even if you often bend over, you feel it is difficult to do so. Last symptom you may feel as well is numbness or weakness in your foot.

Spondylolisthesis is usually diagnosed when you get examined by your doctor and if you mention your symptoms to him or her, they will usually have to do imaging on you so, they can find the diagnoses. If you get no imagining done, then no one will ever know because you cannot know if someone has spondylolisthesis without getting an x-ray or ct. When people find how the have spondylolisthesis the first thing that comes to mind is surgery.

Yes, you may need surgery depending on how serious Top Sugar Land Chiropractors or how far spondylolisthesis gets. For example, if your spondylolisthesis is at a low risk, I guess I can say typically there is no need for you to get surgery. People who are at a lower risk are usually children with isthmic spondylolisthesis. Isthmic spondylolisthesis basically is the same as spondylolisthesis the only difference is that isthmic spondylolisthesis is that the vertebrae slips forward over the vertebrae below it. call to 281-344-2034 or visit

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If you have degenerative spondylolisthesis in mostly all cases, you would not need to get Top Sugar Land Chiropractors surgery as well. It is the same as isthmic spondylolisthesis only this occurs because of your aging because your bones, joints, and ligaments become weakened. Which makes is less able to hold your spinal column in alignment. So, a ìhigher riskî is usually when you are typically in a lot of pain where it hurts to move or just hurts a lot.

In this case you will probably need surgery. Before getting surgery, your doctor should give you options but, chiropractic care should be an option. This should help or at least make your pain less painful. A chiropractor will Top Sugar Land Chiropractors not be able to do an adjustment. Only because if he or she does it will make your spine worse. Which is why they Top Sugar Land Chiropractors have to be very careful with patients that have spondylolisthesis. A chiropractor will give a patient with spondylolisthesis exercises or stretches to help the pain. This is so it can strengthen the back and abdomen. Doing these exercises and stretches that are provided to you from your chiropractor will help your pain a lot.

It wont work if you do them whenever you feel like doing them. You have to be consistent with the exercises and stretches. I understand if you canít do them at the exact time every day. You are human and have a life we understand that but, as long as you do them early mornings or afternoons depending on how often the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractor suggested how often you should be doing them. The doctors goal will be to improve spinal function that is one thing. Another thing is your posture because that is a big part for back pain. And finally, to optimize good spinal mechanics. The chiropractor will focus on spinal joints above and belove the slipped vertebra. Only because it is the main part that is helping cause the pain you have.

So going to a chiropractor will help the lower back pain and help you improve motion in this area. A chiropractor may use manual therapies. Which are trigger point therapy, manual joint stretching and resistance techniques. Last one is instrument assisted soft tissue therapy. If you are interested in going to a chiropractor definitely look up Restoration Health. Our doctor is Top Sugar Land Chiropractors Dr. Harrison Campbell. He graduated ìtop classî out of his whole class and got his bachelorís degree. Then he went to Texas Chiropractic College and finished in 2016. The worked on opening his own chiropractic center. Now we are here at Restoration Health.

Our new location is 800 Bonaventure Way, Suite 160 Sugar Land, TX 77479. If you are wanting more information or wanting to schedule, just give us a call to 281-344-2034 or visit When doing your research on what chiropractor to go to just know our doctor is excellent. Read our reviews and you will see how many people recommend our doctor even to their own families. Our doctor put in time and dedication which is why he is where he is at now because of all the hard work he has done when in school and opening his own clinic. Do not be shy and schedule an appointment with us. We love to make everyone comfortable, and we are very friendly!