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Due to Federal Law, this offer is not valid for Medicare or Medicaid patients. This offer is valid for consultation and services provided on first visit. All services rendered after the initial date will be subject to the typical insurance or cash fee schedule. Payment of services for this offer will not be submitted to insurance or applied to any deductible. This offer applies only to first time cash patients and will not be utilized for Personal Injury or Workers Compensation related cases.

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2121 Williams Trace Blvd, Suite 300
Sugar Land, Texas 77478

800 Bonaventure Way #160,
Sugar Land, TX 77479

Phone: (281) 344-2034

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You may have questions on what will happen once you submit your web form. Let us answer what happens next so you can have some peace of mind. We will contact you via the phone number you have provided on the form. This is typically done within one business day of the form’s submission, and no more than 48 hours from us receiving your form.

On the phone call you receive, our staff will set up an appointment for you to meet with our doctor. We try to have your appointment with us as quickly as possible, because we understand your health is important, and the sooner we can complete your examination with our doctor, the quicker we can create a treatment plan to get you better the right way.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from our Patients:


Q: Where our office is located.

A: We are conveniently located near Highway 59 and Highway 6. Our address is 2121 Williams Trace Boulevard, Suite 300 Sugar Land Texas, 77478. We share a building with One Step Diagnostics, an imaging center which hosts X-rays, Cat Scans, Ultrasounds, and MRIs. This location enables us to provide imaging in the most convenient way possible for our patients. You do not have to worry about being sent all over town for an X-ray or an MRI when you come to Restoration Health. We are just feet from their front door.


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Q: What are the costs of therapy or chiropractic care?

A: The cost depends on a couple of different factors. First and foremost is whether or not you are utilizing your health insurance. If you elect to use your health insurance, we will call and verify what your coverage is and what your out of pocket expenses will be. This varies from patient to patient from a simple copay to covering a percentage and depends on your type of insurance and where you are at in reaching your deductible.

For patients who elect not to use their health insurance or do not have health insurance we have cash pricing. For our most up to date cash pricing please reach out to us and our staff would be happy to assist you with your questions.


Q: What about my privacy?

A: At Restoration Health, we have and will continue to take the protection of your privacy as the utmost importance. The law which governs your privacy is known as HIPAA. This acronym stands for Health Information Portability and Accountability Act. What this means is that without your consent no one may receive your health information from us. Anyone requesting your records must have a HIPAA release form which has been signed and dated by you sent with the request before we will release any records we have in our possession.

Additionally, you can rest assured that we will respond promptly should an authorized request for your records come to our attention. We understand your health is important and should another provider require our records and you have provided written consent for their release, we will have those records to them as quickly as possible.


Q: What do I need for my first visit?

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A: The easiest answer to this question is you just need yourself. What else you should bring depends on what brings you to our office.
For those electing to be cash patients, we will need you to provide a state or federal picture ID card.
For those using their health insurance, we will need you to provide a state or federal picture ID card and your health insurance card.
For those involved in a motor vehicle accident, we will need a state or federal picture ID card, any information you have from the scene of the accident, including but not limited to the other driver’s insurance information, your insurance information, and information on attorney representation you may have, and potentially a police report.
For those injured while at work, we will need a state or federal picture ID card, any information you have that your company provided regarding your injury. This includes but is not limited to the Worker’s Compensation packet your employer may have provided upon your injury, Worker’s Compensation insurance information your employer may have provided you with, any forms which you have completed and signed regarding your injury up to this point. These forms are numbered and can include a Form – 41 which is an incident report form and a Form – 73 which is a work status form that gets completed by your treating doctor or specialists you have seen.


Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health Chiropractic Office 00007Q: If I was in a motor vehicle accident can you help me?

A: The answer is yes! We can help you with any injury you sustained during a car accident. You do not need to despair because you were in a car accident and it seems like no doctor is willing to help. We will happily work with you to help you overcome your injuries with a treatment plan tailored specifically to you and your needs.
If you have attorney representation, that is great. We will communicate with them about what your injuries are, and the treatment plan required to restore your health. This ensures they understand what injuries you have sustained so they can better assist you with your case. If you do not have representation that is also great. We will still provide the same great service and tailor a treatment plan to your injuries.

We also coordinate with specialists should this be required to facilitate you in your recovery. Whether this is imaging such as an MRI or a consultation with an orthopedic or pain management doctor, we will ensure you see the appropriate people to get you better.