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​​When you want the top Sugar Land Chiropractors for your care, you want Restoration Health.

Restoration Health Chiropractic is a family oriented health care center focused on providing the best chiropractic and physical Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health Chiropractic Office 00008therapy in Sugar Land. We were started in Sugar Land and have always strived to provide the best possible care in this wonderful part of town. Our doctor, Dr. Harrison Campbell, is specialized in personal injury such as motor vehicle accidents, worker’s compensation for on the job injuries, and the everyday aches and pains we all experience from the normal wear and tear that life puts on all of us naturally.

Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health Chiropractic Office 00006At Restoration Health Chiropractic we utilize the best in physical therapies, spinal decompression, and chiropractic adjustments to restore your health. Our staff is expertly trained to create the perfect treatment plan to rehabilitate you as quickly as possible while ensuring it is done correctly. We regularly assess your rate of recovery, so your treatment plan is continuously tailored for you specifically. Each person is unique, meaning each treatment plan must be unique for you. The staff at Restoration Health Chiropractic ensure that there are no cookie cutter treatments plans, each therapy done is only performed with one goal in mind, getting you back to being you.

Why choose Restoration Health Chiropractic over other clinics in the Sugar Land area? If you want the right care, at the right price, and the ability to return to your lifestyle as quickly as possible, we at Restoration Health Chiropractic are the right place to be. If you want the top Sugar Land Chiropractors for your care, you want Restoration Health. We understand that life is hectic, so we provide care that will provide the most benefit to you in a timely fashion while still making sure your care is done right.

Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health Chiropractic Office 00005As for Dr. Campbell, he first became interested in this type of practice while working with an orthopedic surgeon in the Katy area. After seeing patient after patient suffer continuously with musculoskeletal pains (muscle and joint pains) and neurological symptoms (nerve pain), he searched for a better means to help people. That search ended with Dr. Campbell attending chiropractic school to become an expert in neuromusculoskeletal conditions. After working under two experts in the field of motor vehicle accident for two years, Dr. Campbell has opened his own clinic to continue serving the community of Sugar Land and beyond with the best care available.

Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health Chiropractic Office 00007We have become the top Sugar Land Chiropractors by offering the best care to our patients.
This clinic goes beyond the motor vehicle accidents and provides care for those injured while at work, those injured being a weekend warrior, and even those who only desire a more proactive and healthier lifestyle. Dr. Campbell worked closely with Dr. Joseph Flood for almost two years learning, refining, and perfecting his skills in chiropractic and rehabilitation. Due to the unfortunate passing of his mentor unexpectedly, Dr. Campbell crafted Restoration Health Chiropractic with the knowledge and skill he had attained while working closely with Dr. Flood.

Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health Chiropractic Office 00003Restoration Health Chiropractic opened in the same location Dr. Campbell previously operated out of, in order to continue to provide the same excellent care to both his patients, and the patients previously helped by Dr. Flood. Helping the people of Sugar Land, Texas is what Dr. Campbell truly loves about working at and owning Restoration Health Chiropractic. We can also proudly report that we are the top Sugar Land Chiropractors demonstrating our drive to offer our patients the best care. Seeing someone being able to return to playing soccer or basketball, watching someone be able to get back to the gym, or getting someone able to return to work is what drives the staff at Restoration Health. Dr. Campbell always talks about how it’s the little things in life that matter the most, and one of his favorite stories is a gentleman who cried after being able to tie his shoes for the first time in six weeks. This man was in a motor vehicle accident and suffered disc herniations which resulted in sharp pains down his legs accompanied by numbness and tingling and difficulty walking. After seeing Dr. Campbell for a few visits, this gentleman noted that he could bend over and tie his shoes for the first time since the accident and at the end of his treatment, he noted that he could now bend over without pain while putting on his shoes.

Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health Chiropractic Office 00001If you have a problem preventing you from performed an everyday activity without pain, make an appointment to come to see Dr. Campbell. The staff of Restoration Health Chiropractic is the best at what they do. Our therapists have been well trained and are masters of working with patients on their physical therapy and experts in performing passive therapies such as muscle stimulation and ultrasound. Patients routinely comment on our therapists’ friendly demeanors and ability to provide relief from their pain.

They have perfected the right balance of getting the best effort out of the patient Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health Chiropractic Office 00004without pushing the patient too far too fast. The staff is always asking Dr. Campbell questions about rehabilitation or anatomy to further their understanding of what we do at Restoration Health. This ensures that they are constantly up to the task of providing the best possible therapy to our patients and return them to their favorite hobby or sport as quickly as possible.This shows as Restoration Health are the top Sugar Land Chiropractors for patient care. Our office manager is also well equipped to help our patients in any way possible. Whether this is verifying insurance, scheduling a referral, scheduling your next appointment, know that they will do everything needed to make your rehabilitation as smooth and stress free as possible. Therefore, know that you are in good hands when it comes to an office which is tasked with returning you to optimal health.

Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health Chiropractic Office 00002If you need care and want it done right, you need Restoration Health Chiropractic. If you need the best care, you want the top Sugar Land Chiropractors for your care.  We are happy to take care of whatever ails you and you can know that your health is our top priority. It is truly our goal to help each and every patient to get better quickly always making sure that we do it the right way and avoid cutting corners. Our patients get complete care at our clinic. Please contact us in order to get your initial appointment scheduled, so that you can get back to enjoying your hobby, your sport, and your life pain free.