Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy is the stretches, exercises, and functional movements needed to return the body to peak performance, decrease pain, and restore you to a healthy happy lifestyle. At our Sugar Land Chiropractor facility, we have the best knowledge and tools to get you to the activities you enjoy as quick as possible. These includes the stretches to help alleviate those tight muscles, the functional movements to get that range of motion you need for your hobby, and the exercises to build that strength to make you the best you, you can be. We are proud to report that our diligence with our patients has made Restoration Health the top Sugar Land Chiropractors for your physical therapy needs.

The most common reasons people forgo physical therapy is the time required at the doctor’s office, and the pain involved with getting better. With the busy schedules people employ, the staff at Restoration Health understand the value of your time. We establish the most efficient treatment plan to get the most out of your time while still providing you with the best results. Most of these treatment plans can be performed in as little as fifteen minutes. This helps ensure that you can come in on a lunch break, after work, or in those spare moments between your daily schedule to get the treatment you need to stay healthy. As for physical therapy being painful, the saying “No pain, No gain” does not apply here.

The staff understand that injuries have created the pain and have the knowledge and know how to reduce your pain quickly while still returning your body the peak performance. With the proper training, the line between rehabilitation and comfort can be achieved to get you the best results in the quickest time frame. This means that you can alleviate that painful muscle meaning you can continue
that weekend basketball or baseball game. You can increase your flexibility and mobility, meaning you can go on that vacation or weekend trip without fear of those aches and pains with help from a Sugar Land Chiropractor. You can avoid that tossing and turning trying to find that comfortable position at night, meaning a better and more restful night sleep.

This dedication to speed without sacrificing quality means you can return to your hobbies, return to your sport, and return to your life faster and with less disruption. When you need physical therapy, you want the top Sugar Land Chiropractors for your care, and this means you want Restoration Health.

Spinal Decompression:

Spinal Decompression is the therapy designed to take the pressure off the spine allowing the discs and joint the ability to recover. By using a controlled pull, we can generate a therapy to help reduce herniated or bulging disc pain, reduce sciatic pain, reduce nerve pain and ultimately reduce the need for surgery.

Disc herniations, sometimes known as bulging or slipped discs, are a common ailment which plagues many Americans. Utilizing this therapy, these ailments can be reduced and, in some cases, resolved without the need for invasive and costly surgical procedure. At Restoration Health, the top Sugar Land Chiropractors we have the means and the expertise to help you with these conditions.

Spinal Decompression works by using a programmed pull to gently stretch the spinal joint and discs. For joint pain, this stretch activated mechanoreceptors in the joint stimulating the brain reducing the pain experienced. This therapy combined with functional movements, the chiropractic adjustment, and passive therapies will help restore the normal joint function and eliminate pain. This means you can return to your hobbies, return to your sport, and return to your life faster and with less disruption.

In disc injuries, the decompression works by created a negative pressure in the disc, allowing the torn disc fibers the ability to repair into the strong flexible fibers required for a healthy disc. With the healthy fibers restored, the disc and nerve pain associated with disc injuries is alleviated. Which also means you can return to your hobbies, return to your sport, and return to your life faster and with less disruption.

This gentle decompression of the spine provides a relief for those who suffer with excruciating disc, nerve, or joint pains. Our treatment rooms which contain the decompression machines have dimmed lights to allow our patients to rest without the constant pain associated with their condition. This is due to the fact, that for some patients the first time on decompression is the first time they can remember without the constant pain plaguing their every moment since the injury. This is just another way that the top Sugar Land Chiropractors at Restoration Health demonstrate our care for our patients.

Chiropractic Adjustment:

The Sugar Land Chiropractor adjustment is a therapy technique to restore normal motion to a joint which is suffering restricted range of motion. This is done through a quick impulse to this restricted joint to free the restriction. Often, this results in a “popping” sound termed a cavitation. This “popping” sound or cavitation often heard during an adjustment is a normal occurrence due to gas escaping the joint capsule. Due to this cavitation from the adjustment, the phrase “popping” my neck, back, wrist, etc has become popular when visiting a chiropractor. The more accurate term for this therapy is a chiropractic adjustment or alignment. If you feel stiff and in need of an adjustment, the top Sugar Land Chiropractors at Restoration Health are expertly trained to help alleviate this condition for you.

The chiropractor will feel for the joints with the restricted range of motion with a skill called palpation. This means that the doctor will be checking for the normal free range of motion all joints should have. A joint with restricted motion would produce a stiff feeling, resulting in the need for an adjustment to be performed.

The adjustment itself, would be a quick impulse from the chiropractor pushing the joint through the restricted motion, restoring the free range of motion to the desired joint. Commonly this is done to the spine, but each joint in the body can be adjusted should the therapy be required.

There are several methods by which the adjustment can be delivered, with the most common being by hand is a style known as Diversified Technique. Another method entails specific tables with parts on the table which “drop” or move with the adjustment in a style known as Thompson Drop Technique. Other Sugar Land Chiropractor methods employ blocks or wedges to properly align the pelvis vie gravity is a method known as SacroOccipital Technique or SOT. Still another method utilized a tool known to deliver the impulse known as an activator in a technique cleverly referred called Activator Technique.

At Restoration Health, no single technique is favored. The top Sugar Land Chiropractors have training in each of these techniques so the proper technique for your health can be performed. All are utilized to help the patients return to peak health. Different patients will require or respond better to different techniques, and the Dr. Harrison Campbell has the tools and skills required to utilize whichever technique will best suit the patient’s needs.