“Restoration Health excels at rehabilitating patients. I was involved in a car wreck and my back, shoulder and neck had been injured. Dr. Harrison and his staff worked helped me get back on my feet. The staff is both friendly and well trained. The team at Restoration Health will show you the right exercises to loosen up stiff muscles and joints. I have really appreciated their accommodations regarding scheduling time with the doctor.”

Kamran Ahmed

“Restoration Health has been very proactive. As an attorney representing individuals that have been injured in the workplace. Typically attorneys are never a part of treatment decisions for our claimants and we rely on the doctor to supply the information we need. It is rare for a physician’s office to reach out to us in reference to the status of a claimant’s treatment plan before we actually need the information. However, Dr. Harrison and his team at Restoration Health did just that to keep us up to date and in the loop.  THIS is what I call looking out for a patient the right way!”

Harry Craddock

“In March of 2018, while at work, I injured my shoulder. In seeking treatment I kept getting the runaround from various doctor’s offices. When I finally found Restoration Health Chiropractic I decided to try them out. After working with them I have to say this team is absolutely the best that I have used. They were very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions right up front and made sure that I had everything I needed. Big thank you to Dr. Campbell and his staff for helping me heal up from my injury. I highly recommended this chiropractor!”

Cris Bruce

“Finding a doctor to take my case when I became injured while at work was a daunting task. Dr. Harrison and the team at Restoration Health quickly brought me in and helped me to relieve the pain I was in from the injury. The advice and diligent care I received allowed me to manage my pain while quickly improving. I really appreciate the way their staff calls me to check on how I am doing periodically. The insurance company handling my case was pushing back aggressively however Dr. Harrison and his team did an exceptional job with the documentation of my treatment and progress helping me to win the case. The office was always clean professional. I have had a great experience with Restoration Health.”

Bob Butinski

Here at Restoration Health we provide highly reviewed Sugar Land Chiropractors to those needing assistance getting back to their normal activities. We love when patients are so happy with the results of their care, they want to share their experience with others. This is why we proudly display our Sugar Land Chiropractors results from our patients obtained from our services when they allow us to be part of their recovery process. Look at our reviews and testimonials as proof that when we say Getting you Better the Right way, it is not just a motto, it is a promise.

Therefore, we have compiled both written reviews and video testimonials from actual patients that have received care here at our clinic. It is our hope that by reading these reviews and watching these testimonials, you will come to understand that Restoration Health is the best clinic to provide care for whatever is currently ailing you.
In addition to our Google Reviews, as Sugar Land Chiropractors we know that showing our future patients the results we have achieved with our previous patients, is the best way for us show to our customers that they will receive the best possible care from a staff that truly cares about their health and wellbeing. No matter what has caused your injury we at Restoration Health are equipped to provide the care you need to restore your health.

We strive to provide the best possible care to every patient which walks through our doors. Due to this philosophy, you will see testimonials from a variety of patients ranging from those injured while at work, to those who woke up feeling just a little stiff, to even those injured in car accidents and how our Sugar Land Chiropractors have been able to help them get back to normal. Because of these various types of injuries, each of these patients had their own areas of complaints that were addressed. This means you can rest assured in the knowledge that no matter what issue is bothering you, we have seen this problem before, and we know how best to treat your specific issue so we can get you back to full health.
We do this, so we that we may demonstrate our motto, “Getting you Better the Right way!”, with our actions. Furthermore, we also have the ability to back our motto up with patient confirmation of our success.

We can tell you how great we are, but nothing speaks louder than hearing it directly from a Restoration Health patient that was potentially sitting where you are now prior to coming to our clinic. These patients have dealt with the pain you are in currently. These patients have struggled with the same problems you struggle with. The only difference between these people and where you currently are is they sought out Restoration Health to make a difference in their daily struggles.
You do not have to sit there and suffer through your pain any longer than you have. You do not have to play the game of the pain will go away tomorrow. You do not have to sit there and think it will be better tomorrow. Reach out to the Sugar Land Chiropractors at Restoration Health today, so we can address your pain today.

Read as many reviews as you need. Watch as many testimonials as you desire. When you are ready to reach out to Restoration Health, we will be there waiting to assist you however we can on your path to recovery.

You can submit an online form from our contact us page or you can call our office. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner the road to recovery with our Sugar Land Chiropractors can begin. Do not put yourself through the pain any longer. Restoration Health is there to help you today.

Remember that the Restoration Health way is Getting you Better the Right way!