Thank you for joking me once again this evening. I am Dr. Harrison Campbell of Restoration Health one of the premier Sugar land chiropractors in the area. Tonight we will be discussing disc herniations, a common problem plaguing many Americans.
First we will begin by discussing what a disc is and the anatomy of its make up. A distro more accurately called intravertebral disc is the soft tissue between the bones which make up the spine. This desk ask a shock absorption for the spine as well as giving you the flexibility and mobility most people come to associate with being able to bend or twist. The disc itself has two main components of the inter Core in the outer shell of the disc. The inner core call the nucleus pulposis is a soft jelly like material which is where the discus shock absorbing nature from. This core imbibes or soaks up water similar to a sponge which is how that jelly like texture is obtained thus creating that soft squishy platform for the disc. The outer shell of nucleus fibrosis has created a tough fibrocartilage fibers that are set up in a cross weave pattern.

This cross weave pattern allows this to remain flexible while also being strong but this cross wave pattern is one also creates many of the disc problems that plague Americans.
Most sugar land chiropractors will agree that bending and twisting is the primary mechanism of injury for these cross we fibers of the disc. This is because when someone twists left or right half of the cross we fibers on wind and become slack while the other half have tension placed upon them and become tight. When you bend forward you load pressure on these cross with fibers and thoughts when you bend and twist you were unloading half of the fibers as they become slack and the other half of the fibers which are tight have to take the full load and they can reach the point of failure which is when injury occurs.
This point of failure as many Sugar land chiropractors will tell you create that pop or snap most people associate with when they say I bent over to pick up something and there was a pop followed by a sharp pain in my back. That pop is those cross we fibers tearing in these torn fibers week in the outer shell of that disc causing problems.

This weakened outer shell allows that inner jelly like core to push against it creating a bulge. Many sugar land chiropractors or use terms like disc bulge disk herniation or a slipped disc to describe this type of injury. All of these terms mean the exact same thing. Where the pain is generated with a disc herniation is this disc bulge either physically applying pressure to the nerve root the inflammation from the torn crossed we fibers applying pressure to the nerve root or at the jelly like core leaking out into the body creating an irritant problem. When the nerve root is irritated the resulting symptoms can include sharp shooting pains into the arms or legs, numbness and tingling like your hand or foot is falling asleep, difficulty holding objects or walking, and even difficulty using the bathroom.
One or more of these can cause severe back problems that persist for long periods of time. Without proper treatment these problems will continue to persist and progressively get worse as time passes. This is why sugar land chiropractors will all tell you to seek treatment sooner rather than later with these conditions. These symptoms will not just go away and you will need treatment in order to reduce these symptoms and return to a quality of life you desire.

Passive therapy combined with exercises to strengthen the core decompression if itís available at the clinic and adjustments are all conservative treatment options for disc herniationís. On the invasive end of the spectrum for treatment plan there are things like disc surgery spinal fusions and other surgical options to help alleviate symptoms in return you to your lifestyle prior to the injury. It should be noted that back surgeries in general have a fifty percent failure rate. What this means is that fifty percent of people who have back surgery continue to have symptoms after a back surgery which the answer at that point is another back surgery which itself will have fifty percent chance of failure.
This fifty percent chance of failure in surgery is why sugar land chiropractors all promote the conservative treatment options. It is much better to attempt to fix the problem without his surgery first to see what results you can obtain. More often than not the results you get with conservative treatment surpassed the surgical option thereby illuminating the need for surgery all together. And if unfortunately the conservative option does not work you still have the surgical option to fall back on.

The treatment plan for disc herniationís at Restoration Health one of the premier Sugar land chiropractors in the area involves starting with passive care and potential decompression followed by active care to strengthen the core to try and prevent future injuries to the back. With this treatment plan I have had great success with my patients who have suffered disc herniationës and in most cases we have been able to return them to the lifestyle that they want to have posted back injury. In most cases should we need more than just conservative care a steroid injection can help the person avoid a back surgery and return them to a life they want to have.
Thank you for joining me once again itís been a great pleasure I hope you find these educational podcast to be in lightning. And if you know someone or you yourself have a disc herniation and are searching for Sugar land chiropractors please contact Restoration Health so that we may get started with your treatment plan and return it to the lifestyle that you want.