Thank you for joining me again this evening for these nightly podcasts. I do hope you find them enjoyable. My name is Dr. Harrison Campbell primary chiropractor at Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. In tonights podcast we will be discussing the importance of not ignoring pain. This podcast will be in conjunction with last nights podcast. The patient who ignored their low back disc herniations for almost ten years and is now in my office seeking help for the condition. As sugar land chiropractors know very well patients are inundated with subliminal messaging to ignore pain and keep pushing forward. While an admirable trait to be able to get the job done there is a reason that we experience pain. Pain in the bodyís warning mechanism to let you know that hey there is a problem here and we need to address it.
Without pain you would never known you were extending a joint such as your elbow or knee to far until the ligaments were torn. Without pain you could place your hand on something hot any would not know until you smelled the burning flesh. As you can imaging this would create several problems with our daily lives and ultimately be harmful to our health.

To this effect pain is a very important part of our lives and ignoring pain is something all sugar land chiropractors wish patients would stop doing. Not only will the patient increase the damage done to the tissue but it will also prolong the patients injuries. What I mean by that statement is not only the length of time they spend in pain before the problem is addressed but also that the length of time required to restore the patient to health is increased.
There was an article which I read about six months ago on the particular topic. They discussed how delaying treatment time increase the medical costs down the road due to the extra time required to rehabilitate the injury. The reason for this increased cost and prolong treatment time is because the body attempts to heal itself as best it can. The body however does not heal itself properly or correctly all the time. When this healing process is done incorrectly the process must be undone and then done correctly. This is where therapy comes into play. We take what the body is doing and properly realign the tissues the first time. We make sure that the healing process is done correctly and this prevents the therapy from having to undo what was done prior then redo it.

Actually just recently I saw a commercial on television for an over the counter pain medication which had the slogan use this medication to block the pain and you can say what pulled hamstring, what sore back, what pain. All sugar land chiropractors cringe when we hear something like that. Pulling a muscle is not an injury you want to ignore. Should you take a pain medication which dulls your pain you remove the internal mechanism which tells you that we have a problem with this muscle. Without knowing there is a problem you keep pushing, keep putting strain on this damaged tissue and ultimately you create a more severe injury from something which could have been easily rehabilitated.
As sugar land chiropractors we know that without giving those muscle fibers time to rest, without allowing the proper stages of healing to take place those muscle fibers continue to be damaged and can completely tear if you are not careful. If a muscle is fully torn the recovery process goes beyond conservative care and you are now looking at surgery followed by many weeks of therapy.

I have rehabilitated many torn rotator cuffs and this is some of the most painful therapy a patient could ever have done in my office. Many sugar land chiropractors will agree with me on this. Having to stretch those shortened muscles, strengthen that surgically repaired tendon, restore that range of motion, and and return the patient to the strength they were at before is no easy task. Therefore let us not push the muscle to the point of tearing. Let us not ignore the signs and symptoms that our body has a problem. Let us properly address these issues to prevent a more severe issue from occurring down the road. The same can be said for a knee injury. Should the anterior cruciate ligament be damaged there will be pain and inflammation. Eventually this pain and inflammation will decrease and then the person will suffer exacerbations or flare ups periodically from then on. They can push through the pain and live in their mind a healthy life. What they are not aware of and this is something sugar land chiropractors will confirm is that a damaged anterior cruciate ligament that is not properly healed creates increased wear and tear on the joint. This abnormal wearing leads to osteoarthritis as the cartilage in the knee is worn away quicker than is normal.

At first the osteoarthritis will be tolerable but as it progresses the patient will have increasing levels of pain and will potentially look at a knee replacement to quote unquote fix the problem. This surgery can be the direct result of not properly rehabilitating the anterior cruciate ligament. I the person would have set aside the handful of therapy session required to correct the problem in the knee an entire surgery could have been avoided. The cost and pain of the post surgical rehabilitation could have been avoided.
Thank you for joining us for this evenings podcast. I hope it was informative and you are able to take these points and have a healthier lifestyle as a result. As always should you or someone you know require the services of sugar land chiropractors please give Restoration Health a call today so we can get you scheduled. Thank you once again for joining and I hope to see you for tomorrows podcast. Have a good evening.