Thank you for joining me once again for our nightly podcasts. I am Dr. Harrison Campbell of Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. In tonightís podcast we will be discussing glass in relation to vision. We will also touch on tear ducts and eye lids as we did. Not it get to it in the last podcast.
To finish up last nights podcast the The tear ducts produce tears in order to lubricate the service of the yard. This is done primarily to prevent drying out and cracking on the surface of the eye and provides then layer of protection for the Eye as there is a thin layer of fluid covering out. This fluid can be used to wash particulates and other irritants from the eye naturally but should something require outside means there are eye wash stations and procedures to aid this natural mechanism.
As for the eye lid is itself this protects the high threat complex unconscious reaction or reflex. Should anything touch the surface of your online the sensory nerves on the surface of the eye triggering reflex which causes the eye lid to close as this is a defense mechanism For the high to rent scratching of the eye service. This is why sugar land chiropractors will tell people who go to the eye doctor and struggle to keep their eyes open when youíre getting eyedrops what to do in the various tests on the online you are finding a natural reaction out of reflex you have to protect your eyes.
Now let us move on to glasses and other visual aids. As we discussed in last nights podcast plans for a fraction light onto the retina for people that have eyeballs which are not the proper link or not reflect the light properly. To counteract this eyeglasses use glass or an artificial lens to refraction to the wind the land being natural minutes with and for the reflect refract the line towards properly placed on the right now. Now while Sugar land chiropractors are capable of performing some vision test it is best to see what Eye Doctor specialized healthcare of the eyes should you have vision problems.

Furthermore the fitting of glasses properly with require the expertise and training most sugar land chiropractors will not have as this is not our field of practice. That being said if you are are at Restoration Health we know many great eye doctors or ophthalmologist which we can get you I contact with I order to ha e your vision checked as quickly as possible.
Some other revision aids which we will discuss this evening include contact surgery both procedure as well as artificial lenses.
Contact are probably the most common vision aid aside from glasses that people will recall. Although with recent advances with LASIK procedures this particular surgical intervention may be the most commonly recalled by people.
As sugar land chiropractors will tell you contact lenses function much like glasses do. They are an artificial lens which reflects the light to the natural lens in your eye which for the roof racks the light to the appropriate spot on the retina to provide crystal clear vision. However unlike glasses which can be not around and bent contact lenses as long as theyíre properly cared for typically do not break or bend. In the past they were hard contact lenses which were taken out each night cleaned and put back in each morning but these are very few and far between now These are still used it some people as an eye condition known as astigmatism can interfere with the contact lenses which are soft. These hard lenses must be cleans thoroughly on a daily basis to avoid problems or complications with your eye health. Come in contact and as of today are the daily disposable contact lenses or contact lenses which can be worn for a certain period of time continuously at which point they are replaced. These are handy as people do not have to clean their contact lenses but still can be harmful to your eye health if they are not replaced as recommended.

Now the Lasik for senior originally it was performed with scalpels but has advanced to it is called bleed free play sick and this involves the lasers. Depending on your vision problem depends on what the procedure entails but typically they are all reshaping nation overall shape of the eyeball so that way I know Lynnës roof racks the line and refreshed it properly to the retina. While many sugar land chiropractors promote conservative care before surgical intervention the Lasix procedure for vision correction is one where is long as you have educated yourself on the procedure and you were confident that this is the right decision for you they were very few downsides to having this procedure performed. That being said that there are always risks with surgical interventions and you should speak to your ophthalmologist to cover all the risks as well as the benefits of this procedure.
The other surgical intervention which will be discussed as the artificial lens implant. No this is not typically done to correct vision problems that are well-established but is done to correct vision problems would result in to do hardening of your natural lens. Should you require an ophthalmologist to see about this procedure most sugar land chiropractors can direct you to fantastic doctors to take care of your eye health.
Thank your for joining us this evening. I hope you found the topic of glasses and alternative vision aids interesting and educational. As always should you or someone you know require the services sugar land chiropractors please contact Restoration Health today so we can schedule you an appointment. Thank you once again and have a good evening. For our next podcast we will discuss either the importance of receiving regular chiropractic adjustments or discuss muscle contractions in great detail to understand how something performed continuously throughout the day occurs.Epi