Good evening this is Dr. Harrison Campbell here with another podcast. Thank you for joining us this evening tonightës discussion will be on the importance of attending physical therapy and maintaining your appointments. All sugar land chiropractors will establish a treatment plan for you upon your initial visit. This treatment plan is based off of a variety of factors such as the diagnosis the chiropractor is provided The severity of the injury and the physical therapy required to correct this injury.

Typical treatment plans range from six visits twelve visits to eighteen visits and some can go even longer. The length of the treatment plan is determined on the body area that is injured for example a typical shoulder rehabilitation treatment plan will consist of eighteen visits with reexams or reevaluations approximately every six to eight visits during that eighteen physical therapy sessions.
For Sugar land chiropractors there are guidelines medical expertise research and rehabilitation protocols which will determine the number of visits for a given injury. Should you have questions on the number of visits establishing a treatment plan you can always discuss this with your doctor. We should not do is alter your treatment plan on your own without consulting your doctor.

This is done for variety of reasons as well. Your doctor has created this treatment plan so that way you can recover from your injury to the fullest extent in the quickest timeframe possible or making sure the job is done right. At Restoration Health in Premier sugar land chiropractors office or treatment plans are designed to get you the maximum mount of improvement in the quickest time frame but making sure you recover how you should. The doctors at Restoration Health understand there are other factors in your life which will take up your time however we ask that you set aside the time required to recover from your injury so that way you can get out of pain faster and avoid having more severe problems in the future. It is important to understand that the number of physical therapy visits is correlated with your recovery speed. And example I can provide is a patient that I had who is only willing to come one visit every week. She was upset she was not progressing as quickly as she wanted to or as quickly as a normal patient of Restoration Health, a premier sugar land chiropractors office and I sat her down and we had a discussion how physical therapy cannot be done over the phone. There is not an instant Fix for soft tissue injuries for joint injuries for Nuro muscular skeletal injuries. The number of visits you have a minute time you set aside for these visits the effort you put into these visits is all directly related to the benefits you get out of physical therapy.

This is not to say that you cannot improve quickly. For Sugar land chiropractors the dedication and effort put into physical therapy is just as important as the number of visits of physical therapy. When I mean by this is the exercises provided in physical therapy can be done to the best of your ability and you will see the results performing them to the best of your ability but should you do half effort recorder effort the results you see from the physical therapy will be half of what it should be or a quarter of what it should be. This will affect the timeframe in which you get better and prolong the injury process pro long how long you are in pain and in some cases increase the severity of the injury.
This increasing the severity of injury is due to the fact that whether you attend therapy or not the body will attempt to heal itself as best as possible. However the body does not always heal properly and often it needs assistance in healing properly which is where physical therapy at a sugar land chiropractors office comes in hand. The body healing on its own in properly can give you a sense of being better while in fact the injury is still present and is growing worse as stress is continue to be placed upon the injured tissue. One of the most common examples of this are disc injuries in the low back. Most people know someone who has a ìbad back.îThis person will do six to eight months with no problem and then have three months of extreme pain or six months of extreme pain or one year of extreme pain and then go back to three months of being okay and then five months of severe pain.

This is due to a low back injury which was not treated properly to begin with in the system the problem continues to plague the individual and grow in severity as time passes. However if they wouldíve set aside the time at the initial injury going to therapy done the exercises put in the effort they more than likely couldíve avoided this cycle of pain then no pain and pain again that they are currently experiencing. Most sugar land chiropractors Will agree that it is never too late to rehab and injury. It may take longer to rehab in order injury but improvements can always be made to your health. Therefore contact Restoration Health to set up an appointment so that way we can get you back on track to better health today. If you have a bad back, or a bad knee, or a bad shoulder do not hesitate to set up an appointment so that we may work with you and establish a treatment plan to return you to better health.
Thank you for joining me once again this evening for a podcast. I do hope you continue to find these educational. Should you or someone you know require the services of Sugar land chiropractors please contact Restoration Health so we may set up your initial appointment and get you back on track to feeling better. Thank you once again for joining me have a good evening.