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The United States of America is often referred to as the land of spacious skies and Amber waves of grain. It also happens to be to the land of an infinite amount of ghost stories. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find the paranormal to be interested. There are many haunted places America were lingering spirits are said to roam through the halls of hotels, abandoned insane asylums, Broadway theaters and even a city zoo.
The Stanley hotel, Estes Park, Colorado is a stately Georgian architecture and well renowned whiskey bar and it has lured travelers to Estes Park since the hotel opened in 1909. The Stanley hotel has reached new levels of fame after inspiring Stephen King’s fixed sectional overlook hotel from the movie the shining. That area Association aside many other ghost sightings and mysterious piano music have been connected to the hotel. Miss Stanley hotel its reputation quite cleverly our free nightly ghost tours to psychic consultation from the in-house madam Vera.
Infinite Philadelphia PA at the eastern state penitentiary one might incur the encounter of a ghost. The Castle like eastern state penitentiary took solitary confinement to a new level when it was built in 1829. Prisoners lived alone, exercise alone in aid alone. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find the paranormal to be interested. When an email left his cell, a guard would cover his head with a hood so he could not see or be seen. The prison had to abandon his Sala Terry system due to overcrowding from 1913 until it closed in 1970. Although the forms of punishment did not get any less severe. This site one of the most haunted places in America now welcomes thousands of visitors every year both for the museum and the annual terror behind the walls celebration which features six haunted attractions within the prison walls for Halloween. Reported paranormal happenings have included disembodied laughter, shadowy figures and pacing footsteps.
The Winchester mystery house might be one of the most disturbing construction projects in history. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find the paranormal to be interested. Following the death of her light husband and child, Sarah Winchester was informed by seer that her family was killed by the ghost of gunshot victims period to keep away the eventual spirits, she commissions the Victorian funhouse turn macabre dwelling that you see today some of the creepier features include staircases that lead directly to the ceiling, doors that open into brick walls and windows that can take you to secret passages.
Another place is the Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff AZ that is claimed to be haunted. It has its fair share of paranormal guest who have truly overstayed their welcome including a long term bird border who had a habit of hanging raw meat from the chandelier in room 210. The staff at find the paranormal to be interested. And two women who were thrown from the third floor now attempt to asphyxiate male guest in their sleep. There is also reportedly an infant who disturbingly cries and have since a staff member running upstairs from the basement. It is even said that actor John Wayne once had a paranormal encounter at this hotel.
In Florida there is the site Augustine lighthouse which is visited by nearly 225 people annually. It is just as well known for its otherworldly visitors. The staff at find the paranormal to be interested. Several tragic events occurred at the now historic side that has contributed to the alleged paranormal activity. One of the first was when the light has keeper fell to his death while painting the tower. It is said his ghost has since been spotted watching over the grounds. Another event was a horrific death of three young girls who drowned when the cart they were playing in broke it fell into the ocean. Today visitors came to hear the sounds of children playing in and around the lighthouse.
The heavily forested pine barrens in New Jersey span over 1,000,000 acres in Seven counties. The area thrived during the colonial. Its hosted sawmills, paper Mills and other industries. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find the paranormal to be interested. People eventually banned in the meals and surrounding villages we call was discovered to the West in Pennsylvania leaving behind ghost towns and some say a few supernatural wonders. The most popular pine barrens resident is without a doubt the Jersey devil. According to legend the creature was born in 1735 to Deborah Leeds this was her 13th child it is said that the baby had leathery wings a goat’s head in his. It flew up the lead chimney into the Barents where it has reportedly been killing livestock and creeping out South Jersey residents ever since.
In Salem MA there is the House of Seven Gables. Aside from being the site of famous witch trials, Salem has often Been considered the birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne who used this 17th century house as inspiration for his famous 1851 novel the House of Seven Gables. Aside from it is beautiful yet spooky facade the house is surrounded by tales of paranormal activities and ghost sightings. Every October the house offers spooky tours as well as weekly for farmers as of 2 plays the legacy of the Hanging Judge and the Spirits of the Gable.
The Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania was one of the bloodiest in American history. With approximately 50,000 young men dying in the three day battle. Many of the soldiers never received a proper burial after their untimely death spirit. And it is believed that many of the souls of these men wonder the fields to look for their weapons in comrades.
Located in Portland OR Pittock mansion Was built in 1909 spurring the innovative design and construction of the Pittock mansion. Unfortunately, the couple only got to enjoy their home for a few years before dying. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find the paranormal to be interested. Georgiana died in 1918 and Henry Pittock died in 1919. The building is now public landmark were some strange occurrences have been reported such as the smell of roses filling a room with no Flowers in it and a childhood painting of Henry moving on its own. Clearly death was not enough of a reason for the pics to vacate their beloved house.