Many people do not understand the importance and necessity of chiropractic care. There are even many people in the medical field that do not understand the benefits of chiropractic care. Chiropractic care can be associated with the spine and the nervous system. Often people underestimate the value in chiropractic treatments. These same people think that chiropractic care only consists of adjustments. There is much more associated with chiropractic care than simple adjustments. The different chiropractic modalities play a huge part in a person’s overall treatment and care. The additional services along with adjustments can mean the difference in successful treatment and a subpar treatment. The doctors at Sugar Land Chiropractors attempt to educate people on the benefits of chiropractic care.

Every chiropractor will use a different set of modalities which is based upon there specialized knowledge of chiropractic care. The doctors at Sugar Land Chiropractors utilize different modalities depending on the patient that is being treated. Here are a few of the more common chiropractic modalities:
• Massage therapy
• Flexion-distraction therapy
• Ultrasound therapy activator method
• Interferential current
• Cervical traction
• Lumbar traction
• Low-level laser therapy

In order to make an educated decision regarding your care, it is advised that a person learns more about chiropractic modalities.
Many people find that after a long week of work and stress that a good massage is very satisfying. Many chiropractors have expanded their care to include massage therapy to promote quicker healing for patients. Massaging the soft tissues of a body can aid in reducing inflammation that potentially could lead to spinal problems. With a massage, a person can expect to receive an experience that focuses on both the bones and the muscles. A massage can assist in addressing any underlying issues that could lead to exacerbating a person’s neck and back problems. Massage therapy is often used to treat a wide range of issues including assisting a patient in relaxing. When massage therapy is used as a chiropractic modality, a therapeutic massage can help treat many issues. Here at Restoration Health, Sugar Land Chiropractors understand the benefit of massage therapy along with other various types of treatments. Some of these issues are:
• Stress-related injuries
• Back or neck pain
• Tendonitis
• Frequent headaches or migraines
• Arthritis
• Muscle issues such as sprains

Ultrasound therapy is an extremely common treatment used by chiropractors. This is particularly helpful with inflammation. Ultrasound is used on most patients by Sugar Land Chiropractors as they understand how therapeutic ultrasound is. The sound waves heal treat injured areas that are inflamed. There are several different ultrasounds that are available to a chiropractor. Many ultrasound therapies are an important way to treat chronic pain issues such as osteoarthritis. Often ultrasound treatment is followed by an adjustment. A chiropractor may also introduce exercises for a patient to increase their range of motion. Ultrasound treatments can be used in conjunction with massage therapy to provide more intense healing to a person’s inflamed tissue.
Another modality used by a chiropractor is low-level laser therapy. This is also sometimes referred to as cold laser therapy. Although many chiropractors find that low-level laser therapy is a successful way to treat patients, Sugar Land Chiropractors do not use it in their treatment plans for patients. Low-level laser therapy takes therapeutic light and delivers it to a person’s muscle tissue. Although this does not sound like very much is happening, it speeds up the restorative process. This treatment can reduce pain and swelling and can target the inflammation a patient may have. The results of one case study showed that the patients who received both chiropractic care and low-level laser therapy were able to heal quick and with more success.
Cervical traction or cervical decompression is specifically designed to aid in the healing of the neck. Along with cervical traction, the Sugar Land Chiropractors used lumbar traction as a modality. Cervical traction stretches the vertebrae in the neck by gently pulling the head away from the neck. This treatment is only felt slightly if at all by the patient. As the cervical traction works it gently stretches the vertebrae to reduce pressure in the area. Cervical traction is used to treat several issues such as:
• Muscle spasms in the neck
• Sprains
• Bulging discs
• Pinched nerves
• Various neck injuries
• Herniated discs

Cervical traction aids in the relief of pain in the neck. Cervical traction is considered a short-term solution. However, when used with chiropractic care it can provide long-term results. Another type of treatment offered by many chiropractors is interferential current. This is a specific type of electrical stimulation that help reduce pain and inflammation in the body. Here at Restoration Health Sugar Land Chiropractors refer to this treatment as E-stim or electrical stimulation treatment. For this treatment, electrodes will be placed on the affected area of the body. Then electrical currents will be sent to the electrodes and then to the body. These currents are very low and there should be no pain as with an electrical shock. Most people only feel a slight tingling sensation. Interferential current treatment has proved to be highly effective.

For most chiropractors, the activator method is the most common. An activator adjusting instrument is used to relax spinal tissues without having to twist or bend muscles. This is considered an ideal method for relieving back pain, neck pain and headaches as it maximizes tissue relaxation while avoiding adverse tension reactions. The use of the activator adjusting instruments improves traditional manual adjustments by allowing higher speed and preventing muscle resistance. Flexion-distraction therapy is primarily used to treat back and neck pain although it has shown some success in other areas of the body. When using the flexion-distraction therapy the Sugar Land Chiropractors will use a slow manual traction in order to move around different parts of the body that are affected with pain. There are many types of treatments used by chiropractors and used by Sugar Land Chiropractors. Each treatment is used in a way that will benefit the patient the most. Depending on where the patients hurts determines the type of treatment they will receive.