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In a very popular Sugar land chiropractorís zoo in New York City there looked for friendly animals. There was melon the one that was always sick and worried in the pack, then there was Gloria the only girl in the packet with a hippopotamus and what’s a fabulous of the mall Flow they a tie and Then there was Marty the zebra who always wanted more in to explore the world, alas was the most famous of the pack was Alex the Lion. He was the showstopper he was What attracted mostly everyone went to the zoo. Regardless of all the differences of these animals they were all very close friends and spent lots of time together. One evening on party to zebra’s birthday as they were celebrating him, sugar land chiropractors he made a wish that he wanted to go and explore the world and get out of the zoo. He tell as if he was being trapped there and wasn’t getting far especially because he had this miracle that you looked at every day on the outside of his exhibit where he saw that there was so much role that he had yet to see. So, he told his friends about his voice and his friends were in shock. Their wondered why he wanted to leave when they had everything they ever wanted and needed right there at the zoo. Told him that he wanted and joints of a much more to be free and in the wild like he is some born to be so one day he decided to escape without telling any of his friends. When his parents found out that he had escaped all sugar land chiropractors panic and did not know what to do. They knew that they wanted him back home and that he was safer at the zoo, so they all decided together to go and find for him, but little did they know they had a huge Adventure awaiting ahead of them. They said off to go by their friend look to him out in the streets. Everyone in the straight started panicking seeing a hippopotamus lion and drive out on the loose. And when they finally were able to find their friend, they begged him to go back home but he did not want to he said that he wanted to be out in the free and see the world. Alex the Lion in particular was the one who was angry the most because sugar land chiropractors he did not understand why his friend the Sea Pro was thinking this oh why he ever wanted to leave. Alex and self-love the zoo and love being the center of attention. Everything had and ever wanted was right there in the zoo there was not one bit of Desire or wish for him ever wanting to leave. He was mad at his friend for making him leave the so going after him binding and then he did not want to come home. Zoo officials and policemen saw the wild animals out and ran after them trying to get them to come back home. Alex the Lion got into an argument with the old lady at the Grand Central Station in New York. they then injected all animals to calm them down and they went into a deep sleep. When they woke up all four of them were in shock to wake up in crates. All four of the animals had been shipped off to Madagascar on a shipping boat in crates and they were all freaking out being combined in small places. They started arguing because they knew that it was Marty’s fault of the reason why they were in those crates because if he had not escaped in the first place they would have not been in that situation. That did not stop Marty however he told them that he did not ask for them to go after them he went in and out on his own so therefore it was their fault why they were caught because nobody told them to go after him and look for him. Marty and then he’ll extend ours. Talking and fighting at each other hitting each other’s crates till it was enough to break the Rope on the ship that was holding the crazy. They were then all born October off the ship and all alone in the ocean. Alex looked outside the crates in the little hole as he saw his friends Greys fadeaway also into the ocean. Alone he was scared referring not knowing where he was going or what he was going to do. Thankfully the crate washed up on shore on to a Sandy Beach. The crate then broke open as it hit the sugar land chiropractorís way somebody ended in the sand and Alex blew out of the crate. When he looked up, he saw a huge jungle ride in front of him and immediately got scared. He started running around freaking out wondering where he was and how he was going to get back to New York to his home at the zoo. He was also alone and pray because he did not know where all his friends were, and he was there all alone. That is when then he heard his friend Mehlman trying to get out of his crate, but he could not see asking for help. He quickly ran to help his friend Mehlman the Giraffe get out of his crate. Then as they both look into the shore; they sought the hippopotamus friend sugar land chiropractors Gloria riding on two dolphins on to the shore. They were surprised to see her well and she was doing just fine being in the frame and doing the animals and nature there. Lastly came Marty into the groove as he landed on Shore also and boy were there huge tension between Marty and Alex. Soon as our exhaust Sugar land chiropractors Marty he ran to him and started arguing because he was not happy that they had landed there and they were very far away from home.